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Flights to Malatya (MLX), the city of apricots

The first people to live in the area of present-day Malatya settled here during the Bronze Age. With a flight to Malatya (MLX), you will experience a city with a mix of tradition and modernity, where imposing architecture bears witness to past epochs. This Turkish metropolis, with almost 800,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest cities in the east of Anatolia and is an important cultural and economic centre. SunExpress brings travellers to this historic city via domestic flights, for example, from Izmir. Malatya is also renowned for the cultivation of nuts and the production of dried fruits, which are exported around the world.

A meal in a traditional restaurant illustrates the variety of Anatolian cuisine, with kebabs and köfte. Families with children are especially welcome in the city’s cinemas: they can opt to visit the Avsar Sinemalari or the Malatya Yesil Cinema. Book your flight to Malatya (MLX) with SunExpress now!

Short facts

Local time 02:27
Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

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Malatya Erhaç Airport (MLX) in the east of Anatolia

The airport is located about 21km from the centre of Malatya and mainly serves destinations within Türkiye (Turkey), so it is an important hub in Eastern Anatolia. Flights began to operate as early as 1941 and it has been a passenger terminal ever since. Passengers will discover the familiar comforts of modern airports and experience a comfortable journey to the surrounding communities or the city centre of Malatya. The airport operator provides a shuttle service; shuttle buses depart from Malatya centre to the airport grounds at regular intervals during the period of outward and return flights. There is also a taxi service at the terminal and the car park can accommodate up to 100 vehicles. Malatya airport is less than 30km from the city centre, which can be reached via the D-875 motorway.

Attractions to discover

A visit to the ruins of Arslantepe makes an interesting day trip. The ruins date from the 5th century and later, and are a popular destination for archaeologists. To see the archaeological scientists in their current excavations and visit the ancient ruins, the best way to reach the destination is by car or taxi. Finds from the dig are mostly exhibited in the archaeological museum of Malatya, located at Fuzuli Caddesi in the city centre. Another museum with exhibits on historical development is the Ataturk Museum, housed in Kemal Ataturk’s former residence, with exhibits illustrating his private life and political achievements. In contrast to the historical buildings, the New Mosque is located in the city centre. It was built in 1912 and its three minarets rise high into the sky. After a trip into the Turkish city and before returning home, praying with the family in this imposing mosque offers a moment of tranquillity. The weather is also appealing to visitors: a semi-dry climate prevails in the city. In the summer months, from May to early October, temperatures range from hot to very hot (similar to Istanbul) and the sun shines almost all day. In winter, however, it can feel cool and at night, long trousers and a light jacket are advisable.

Leisure and culture in Malatya

In the Anatolian metropolis, ancient traditions persist to the present day. One such tradition is the apricot festival in July. Malatya owes its name to the cultivation of the particularly sweet fruit in the fields surrounding the city. Thanks to the favourable climate, the farming of this fruit plays an important role in the agriculture of the region. Every year, a great folk festival is dedicated to the celebration of the apricot. In the same month, the Malatya International Art Festival takes place, when various styles and periods are brought to the fore with a varied programme of events and exhibitions. In the remaining months of the year, travellers can still experience the local culture and traditions, especially away from the usual tourist spots.

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