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Experience thousands of years of history against the impressive backdrop of a picturesque old town.

Mardin is a city and province of the same name in south-eastern Turkey, in the Turkish part of Mesopotamia. A holiday in Mardin can almost feel like a trip to another world, as Mardin delights with a unique combination of architecture and culture that reflects the city’s rich and millennia-old history. Let yourself drift through the narrow alleys between ochre-coloured stone houses in the historic old town and experience the special flair of Mardin for yourself.

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What makes Mardin so special?

In Mardin, different religions and cultures have met over several millennia. Influences from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods shape Mardin’s past. The city was located on the historic Silk Road and was thus an important hub for trade. Today, in Mardin, you will encounter Arab and Turkish as well as Kurdish and Aramaic cultures.

The old town of Mardin nestles on a hillside, a foothill of the Tur Abdin limestone mountains. As you stroll through the winding streets, you will notice magnificent mosques and churches that dominate the cityscape. Visit an authentic bazaar where you can buy beautiful souvenirs such as soaps or traditional silver jewellery. The ethnic and religious diversity gives the city a unique cultural atmosphere that is best experienced for yourself!

A continental climate gives Mardin cold winters and hot summers. For a city holiday, spring or early autumn is best. Then you can expect pleasantly mild temperatures and little rainfall.

Arrival in Mardin at MQM Airport

When flying to Mardin, you will arrive at Mardin Airport with the international IATA code MQM. This has one terminal and is located about 20 kilometres southwest of the city of Mardin. SunExpress offers regular direct flights to Mardin from the major Turkish cities of Antalya and Izmir.

FAQs: Flights to Mardin and arrival at the airport

How do I get from MQM airport to Mardin?

As the airport is not far from the city, getting there is quite quick and straightforward. You can take a taxi from the airport which will take you directly to your hotel. Alternatively, there is also an airport bus that connects Mardin with the airport.

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