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Dream holiday in Marsa Alam: magnificent coral reefs, Egyptian cultural treasures and vast desert

About 270 kilometres south of Hurghada lies the small village of Marsa Alam with its barely 2,000 inhabitants. In recent years, more and more holidaymakers have discovered this paradise for themselves – off the coast of Marsa Alam lie untouched and fantastically beautiful coral reefs with an area of more than 100 square kilometres. This makes Marsa Alam an absolute paradise for divers and snorkellers. The numerous hours of sunshine, warm temperatures and exciting excursion possibilities promise an unforgettable holiday.

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What makes Marsa Alam so special?

Due to the dry desert climate, temperatures in Marsa Alam are above 20 degrees all year round. So if you want to escape the cool, humid climate, Marsa Alam is a sunny holiday destination. The most popular times to visit are spring and autumn, when the water temperatures are pleasantly warm and the outside temperatures still remain below 30 degrees. In the summer months, it is not uncommon for it to get as hot as 37 degrees.

The small Egyptian town is especially known for its fantastically beautiful coral reefs. Fortunately, these are still very well preserved and are among the most beautiful in the world. The well-maintained hotel complexes are spread around Marsa Alam and often have their own house reefs. And if you don’t feel like being in the water, you can experience an unforgettable adventure in the desert. Read here what highlights Marsa Alam has to offer.

The top highlights in Marsa Alam: The best diving spots, sights and excursion tips.

Discover the underwater world of Marsa Alam

Probably the biggest highlight in Marsa Alam is the Red Sea. For decades it has been known among diving fans for its colourful and magnificent underwater world. The coral reefs off the coast near Marsa Alam are still very well preserved compared to other tourist hotspots and offer perfect conditions for diving and snorkelling. One of the most famous diving spots is Elphinstone Reef. There, with a little luck, you can observe sharks, rays and manta rays. It is not uncommon to encounter dolphins on a snorkelling or diving trip by boat.

The beaches of Marsa Alam are also ideal for kite surfing and other water sports. And of course, the fine sandy beaches also invite you to simply relax, sunbathe and swim.

Sights in Marsa Alam

If you are interested in culture and history, a trip to the historic mines in Edfu, where gold and later emeralds were once mined, is worthwhile. There you will also find the well-preserved Horus Temple of Edfu. Another famous temple you can visit on this day trip is the double temple at Kom Ombo.

Day trips to the surroundings of Marsa Alam

On land, the area around Marsa Alam is dominated by the Arabian Desert. Visit the Wadi al-Gimal-Ḥamata National Park, in German “Valley of the Camels”. It is best to book organised desert tours through your hotel or tour operator – then discover the vastness of the desert and various Bedouin villages either by quad bike, off-road vehicle or on the back of a camel or horse.

Further excursions to Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza as well as to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are possible from Marsa Alam and are organised and offered by hotels. This gives you the opportunity to visit the highlights of Egypt during your holiday.

Arrival Marsa Alam at RMF Airport

Marsa Alam International Airport, with the international abbreviation RMF, opened in 2001. The opening contributed significantly to the development of tourism in Marsa Alam and makes it easy to get to the Egyptian holiday paradise. The airport is located about 60 kilometres northeast of Marsa Alam in the middle of the desert and is Egypt’s first privately run international airport.

FAQs: Flights to Marsa Alam and arrival at the airport.

How many airports are there in Marsa Alam?

Marsa Alam has one airport that is geared towards tourism. Alternatively, there is the option of flying to Hurghada, but from there you will have to take a bus journey of several hours to Marsa Alam.

How do I get from the airport to Marsa Alam?

There is no public transport or taxis at Marsa Alam airport due to high security measures and its location directly in the desert. The journey to your hotel is therefore only possible via organised transport by means of a hotel shuttle. It is best to book this through your hotel or tour operator.

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