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Moscow – the heart and soul of Russia

The beating heart of Russia offers a rich spectrum of sightseeing attractions and things to do. The mega-metropolis draws tourists and businesspeople alike from all corners of the world. Moscow demonstrates the diversity of the world’s largest country (in terms of surface area) like virtually no other city can: on the one hand, a city that is profoundly steeped in history; on the other, a flourishing business metropolis. Modern construction stands side-by-side with buildings marked by history, resulting in a picture of extremes. Take the metro – internationally renowned for its wonderfully designed stations, also known as ‘underground palaces’ – and pay a visit to the Red Square, the Kremlin or Saint Basil’s Cathedral and its nine domes. Travelers to Moscow can expect summer temperatures of 10°C to 21°C, which can drop to -11°C in winter.
Moscow can be reached easily from anywhere in the world thanks to its three international airports.
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+A mega-metropolis for politics, architecture and history

Like no other city, Moscow offers something for everyone. Uncover the vestiges of past Communism at the Kremlin and in the Red Square. Track the history of Russia through the many museums in the city. Magnificent cathedrals, including Saint Basil’s, show that Moscow is also the centre of religion in Russia. Alongside unique sightseeing attractions, Moscow also proves its global status through the shopping possibilities it offers. Saunter through the beautifully designed state department store GUM and let its architecture – not to mention the wide range of products – enchant you. After an exhausting day of sightseeing or shopping, you can relax in one of the city’s many bars – or dive into the colourful, tumultuous nightlife of the mega-city until night turns to day.

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