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Explore Nador – discover breath-taking natural scenery and authentic Moroccan culture

The Mediterranean is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, with mild winters and sunny summers, not to mention balmy water temperatures for those who are looking to dip their toes in the big blue. In addition to ever-popular destinations like Italy and Spain, countries in the southern reaches of the region like Morocco are becoming a go-to choice with tourists from far and wide. Flights to Nador are particularly convenient, offering visitors the chance to explore a memorising and authentic slice of Morocco, with stunning natural scenery just a short trek from the city limits. The rural expanses around boast plenty of unique attractions including Rbhar Amezyan, a natural lagoon, and Rifgebirge, a hotspot for hikers.


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Flights to Nador – jet off and enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate

A holiday in Nador offers more than stunning scenery and a taste of Moroccan life. One of the biggest draws of this region is the magnificent Mediterranean climate. Even in the depths of the winter, the mercury rarely sinks below 10 ° C. In the summer, the temperatures really saw, hovering around an incredibly pleasant 26 ° C. Ideal for those who enjoy the sun, but don’t thrive in particularly hot climates. Bathing in the sea is possible almost all year round, with winter water temperatures only falling to around 15 ° C. From July to September, however, the water is warm enough for all, with pleasant levels averaging out at around 20 ° C. With around ten hours of sunshine a day and a maximum average of four rainy days a month, summer is without doubt the best time to spend a holiday in Nador.


Nador: lively, vibrant and unmistakably Moroccan

Nador is one of the fastest growing cities Morocco and is characterised by modern architecture. Nevertheless, a stroll through the city is a feast for the eyes, with many districts having seen a recent redesign in 2014. If you want to experience Nador and the majesty of Morocco first-hand, you should also make some time to explore the side streets of the waterfront promenade. Numerous cafes and bistros offer up an eclectic range of traditional Moroccan dishes and allow an insight into the great tea culture of this country. Trinkets, souvenirs and much more can be discovered in the three major markets of Nador. Mulei-kaube, Qulad-Mimoun and Kassaria. As you’d expect from an eastern bazaar, these markets offer plenty of eye-catching colours, unique smells and sounds. Even when you’re not looking to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, you’ve plenty to keep you occupied with live performances and street musicians at every turn. Don’t forget, it’s customary in this country to haggle a little bit when ironing out a price with a vendor, so don’t immediately reach for your wallet when you clock the price tag of an item.


Experience pure nature alone or with the family

When you book a flight to Nador, you’ll be treated to a stunning natural landscape alongside a modern and continually growing metropolis. Rbhar Amezyan lagoon, which lies directly in front of the city, promises peaceful bathing please and a real sense of relaxation in every true sense of the word. The waters are quiet here and free of the crowds you’d expect of a coastal resort, while the cliffs of the beaches keep the hordes of tourists at bay. The water here is incredibly calm and almost completely separated from the main stretches of the Mediterranean, making it an ideal spot for even the youngest of swimmers to indulge in a dip. The most beautiful beach in this region is the Plage de Boqueronesa, located in the north-western reaches of the city. Plage Kariat Arkmane to the south also makes an incredibly rewarding choice. Natural parks also provide visitors with the chance to get up close with native wildlife. The Rifgebirge, which runs a little to the south of Nador, is a real paradise for hikers and cyclists. Although it’s a rather challenging trail, it makes for an incredibly rewarding experience for the dedicated cyclist or hiker. If you’re looking for a less taxing excursion that can be enjoyed with the whole family, consider Jbel Sebt, an extinct volcano in close proximity to Nador.


Flights to Nador – for tourists and returning natives alike

The airport of Nador (NDR), the “Aeroport Nador-Al Aroui” is located about 25km from Nador, near the village of Mont Aroui. It is connected to the road network via the N2 trunk road and is therefore incredibly easy to reach by car. There are no bus or train connections in this region, but there are always plenty of taxis available outside of the arrivals terminal at the airport. In addition to flights to Europe, including countries like Germany and France, there also regional flights to major destinations across Morocco. It’s possible to arrange a flight from Nador to Marrakech or Tangier, making it an ideal choice for Moroccan natives looking to get around the country and reconnect with old friends and much-missed family. Let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of Morocco and book low-cost flights to Nador with SunExpress today.

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