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Mon Amour Paris – enjoy a flight to the most romantic city in the world

Get set for hot croissants and coffee for breakfast, a leisurely stroll along the Seine for afters, then a stopover in the Notre Dame while you’re passing by. Wherever you are in Paris, once you take a moment to stand still and take stock, it appears that the city is almost frozen in time. Although certain areas of the French capital can prove hectic at times, the city has been designed with the tourist in mind. Not only does Paris offer plenty of premium amenities, hotels and international stores and restaurants, there’s a constant calendar of cultural events that celebrate Parisian heritage and history.

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Flights to Paris – experience it all year round

As some of the most beautiful sights of Paris are to be found outdoors and exposed, timing your trip with weather in mind is a smart way to plan. Paris itself sits in a temperate region of Europe, where visitors can expect fairly mild conditions throughout the year. Between May and September, the city can reach an average high of 24 degrees Celsius, with scorching highs of 30 degrees Celsius not uncommon in the middle of summer. Spring and autumn weather is more mild, with averages of around 15 degrees Celsius. Winter weather in Paris is relatively mild compared to coastal cities, but be prepared for rain, hail or snow at any time.

Savour the sights and iconic landmarks

There are countless things to marvel at in Paris, but the Eiffel Tower stands as the undisputed landmark of the French capital. It’s still one of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere in the world and makes the perfect backdrop for a first-class holiday selfie. The 324-metre high tower is made of iron struts that have seen the landmark stand proud for decades. If you’re tight on time during your stay in Paris, make sure you look into buying tickets for the Eiffel Tower before you arrive. You’ll save valuable time on waiting in lines, giving you plenty of opportunity to visit another Parisian stalwart, the Arc de Triomphe. This 19th century structure was commissioned by none other than Napoleon himself. Today, the arch serves as the finishing point of the Champs-Elysees.

Paris on a budget

Chic restaurants, fine boutiques and expensive attractions are easy to indulge in while visiting Paris. It’s fine to treat yourself when travelling, but when you’re in an expensive city, bear in mind how all those little luxuries add up. If you’re watching the pennies, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of free attractions in the city. The Louvre is free to visit for any visitor aged under 26 years. Even the streets of Paris offer plenty of drama and dynamic entertainment. Keep your eyes peeled for performers from local cultural programs for dynamic distractions that don’t cost a thing.

Get out and explore

It’s easy to get caught up in the majesty of Paris, but getting out and exploring the surrounding countryside and rural attractions is well worth your time. If you’re travelling with smaller children, a visit to Disneyland Paris is a must. It’s a little over 40 kilometres east of Pars itself, making road and rail journeys a breeze. Only 20 kilometres southwest of the city is the Palace of Versailles, another of France’s most breathtaking beauties. This French Revolution era palace is a showcase of a king who enjoyed his lifestyle and title a little too much.

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Paris is well prepared for all kinds of visitors, from sightseeing tourists to business parties in town for an essential pitch or review meeting. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) connects various key parts of the city together, with a reliable schedule of buses further opening up public transport connections. This airport also offers international connections for those passengers passing through. The airport is well appointed, with easy access to the airport wireless network, not to mention plenty of charging stations for when your smart phone crashes at the worst possible time. If you’re leaving arrivals at this airport, you’ll be met by plenty of taxis and car rental kiosks.

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