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Flights to Sanliurfa (GNY)

Sanliurfa is a city in south-eastern Türkiye (Turkey) and is home to some 1.8 million people. Among locals, the city is often called Urfa and its historic title of Edessa is still commonly used. Although Sanliurfa enjoys a long and varied history, it is an increasingly modern metropolis and is fast evolving into a cosmopolitan centre. Economically and culturally, the city is increasingly important to the region and remains a popular destination with Turkish nationals and international tourists alike. The weather in the region is incredibly enticing, with a mild climate throughout the year, even in the height of winter. The temperature almost never drops below freezing in the winter, while the summer months see the mercury climb in excess of 38 degrees Celsius.

Perfect for the business traveller, this well-appointed airport not only offers all the conveniences you’d expect, but is within easy reach of many hotels designed to accommodate those visiting for work and trade. Looking for low-cost flights to Sanliurfa? Save a small fortune when you book online with SunExpress.

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A modern airport for stress-free travel

Sanliurfa Airport (GNY) is located about 50 kilometres north of the city. Launched in 2007, the airport is served by several airlines and is incredibly modern. Parking is available directly outside the terminal, with a capacity for almost 500 cars. In addition, the airport is connected to public transport networks and long-distance road routes throughout the wider region and Türkiye (Turkey) as a whole, making it a great starting point for more elaborate journeys around the country. The Turkish capital can be reached by road from here. A historical contrast to the coastal cities of Samsun and Carsamba, Sanliurfa is also a quieter alternative to the capital of Istanbul.

Discover historical sights and wonders

Among the many important sights in this city are its historical buildings, many dating back centuries. One of them is the ruins of Urfa Castle, offering stunning views of the city. The Mevlid-i Halil Mosque is another essential destination. The front part of the building is dominated by centuries-old water basins, often referred to as the Pond of Abraham. You’re best advised to visit this building outside of prayer times so you can really explore without disturbing the locals. If you’re staying in Sanliurfa for more than a few days, you’ll also want to schedule in some time to visit the Archaeological Museum.

Exciting destinations for excursions

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of this region, take an excursion with the family to the Göbekli Tepe. This historical site is the remains of a former settlement located about 17 kilometres from the city of Sanliurfa itself. Throughout the year, visitors can watch as teams of archaeologists get to work, unearthing more wonders from this important historical site. The Deyr Yakub Monastery, another site of historical importance, makes another essential destination during any sightseeing trip. It is theorised that the monastery was built in the 2nd or 3rd century and was designed as the summer residence of King Nimrod.

Socialise with friends and family

Enjoy a delicious meal as you catch up with friends and family in Sanliurfa at Ayn-i Zeliha Gölü. This place is the gastronomic centre of the city and is visited by locals and tourists alike during the evening hours. The menus are packed with delicious dishes that highlight the very best of Turkish cuisine. If you’re looking to savour the best specialities of the region, this is the place to head. It’s not all about good food, either – street artists and live performers will keep you entertained as you dine, with the music, art pieces and dances lasting well into the evening. This area is particularly popular during the warmer evenings of the summer months, where mild temperatures ensure a more relaxed atmosphere.

Flights to Sanliurfa (GNY)

No matter what your reason for visiting, Sanliurfa Airport provides first-rate facilities to make your journey as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. There’s ample space for parking if you’re leaving your car here while you travel, while car rental services and taxi stands make the next leg of your journey a breeze and will keep you on schedule. If you’re after a more affordable way to head out to your next destination, you can use the shuttle bus service that connects the terminal with the heart of town.

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