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Discover a historical and architectural treasure in the Balkans

In Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia, you’ll embark on a journey through a storied past that goes way back. The city, once shaken by a serious earthquake, has undergone extensive reconstruction. Be impressed by the numerous imposing statues and monuments, the special architectural style and the rich history of Skopje.

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What makes Skopje so special?

With a population of just over half a million, Skopje is the capital and the cultural and economic centre of northern Macedonia. Its settlement history goes back more than two millennia, making Skopje one of the longest inhabited cities in Southeast Europe.

If you explore the city on foot, you will quickly notice the special cityscape. Different architectural styles and epochs mix here. After the earthquake of 1963, many buildings were constructed in the neoclassical style and numerous majestic monuments were built; Skopje owes its nickname as the “city of statues” to these.

Skopje is a city of great cultural diversity. The influences of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires can be felt at archaeological sites, museums and monuments. Stroll through the winding streets of the picturesque old town, see the city’s most important sights at Macedonian Square and visit the Macedonian National Museum to learn more about the country’s history and culture. The local cuisine is also characterised by the diversity of different influences – be sure to try the hearty bean stew Tavče Gravče and the famous paprika dip Ajvar.

Those seeking recreation or nature lovers will also find what they are looking for in the surroundings of Skopje: For example, take a trip to the Matka Gorge, Vodno Mountain or Lake Ohrid.

Arrival in Skopje at SKP Airport

Your flight with SunExpress will take you to Skopje International Airport, which is located about 20 kilometres southeast of the city. It has the international abbreviation SKP and has one terminal.

FAQs: Flights to Skopje and arrival at the airport

How do I get from SKP airport to the city?

You have several options to get from the airport to Skopje. You can travel comfortably and easily by taxi, which you can find right outside the airport building. A ride to the city centre costs about 25 euros. Alternatively, you can also use bus transport. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes and costs around 3 euros to get to the city centre by bus.

What currency is used in Skopje?

The official currency in Northern Macedonia is the Macedonian Denar (MKD). Carry some local currency with you when entering the country or withdraw money at the airport or exchange at one of the exchange offices.

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