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Experience an incomparable mix of beach, nature and culture in Zonguldak.

Get to know Turkey in a completely new way, far away from mass tourism. Zonguldak is a coastal town on Turkey’s Black Sea coast and is located about 265 kilometres from the capital Ankara. Zonguldak is also the name of the surrounding province, which consists of various smaller towns and villages. To the west and north, Zonguldak borders on the Black Sea, which will delight you with beautiful beaches during your holiday.

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What makes Zonguldak so special?

On a holiday in Zonguldak, you can expect relaxing days in picturesque bays and on beautiful beaches. The province is known for its great swimming and snorkelling conditions and also offers numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding nature and sights, for example hiking in national parks or visiting picturesque mountain villages and cultural sites.

Zonguldak is an important place for Turkey due to its coal deposits and has an important port on the Black Sea. Due to its good economic connections, Zonguldak is perfect as a tourist base and offers culinary highlights, great accommodation and a varied holiday programme.

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The top highlights in Zonguldak: the beauty of Turkey’s coastal landscape

The most beautiful beaches for a beach holiday in Zonguldak

Zonguldak is also known among locals for its beautiful beaches. The crystal clear waters and calm conditions of the Black Sea make the bays a perfect place for snorkelling or diving. Very popular is Kapuz Beach or Turkali Beach. The beaches often border green forests, so there are also plenty of opportunities to relax in the shade.

Sights and activities in Zonguldak

Zonguldak looks back on an exciting past. Learn more about the history and culture of your holiday destination at the Zonguldak Museum. Spectacular views and historic buildings meet at Saraylar Fort Hill: here you can look out over blue sea and green hills and visit the 16th century fort. Another popular destination is the stalactite cave Gökgöl Magarasi, which has impressive stalactites and several chambers.

If you are interested in mythology, you should pay a visit to the Caves of Heracles in Eregli. Heracles is said to have descended into the underworld here. The seaside town of Eregli also invites you to stroll and linger in one of the restaurants or cafés with a sea view. If you are there in early summer, be sure to try the strawberries from Eregli, which are among the best in the world!

In addition, Zonguldak and its surroundings offer the opportunity to visit numerous small and large mosques. And if you like to relax in nature, a trip to the nearby forests, lakes and rivers in the Zonguldak National Park is worthwhile, which is wonderful for walking, hiking or cycling.

Arriving in Zonguldak at ONQ Airport

If you book a flight to Zonguldak, you will arrive at Zonguldak-Çaycuma Airport with the international abbreviation ONQ. This is about 45 kilometres northeast of Zonguldak city centre.

FAQs: Flights to Zonguldak and arrival at the airport.

How many airports are there in Zonguldak?

There is only one international airport in Zonguldak, Zonguldak-Çaycuma Airport.

Which terminal does SunExpress land at?

ONQ Airport has only one terminal, which handles both departures and arrivals.

How far is the airport from the city?

The airport is approximately 45 kilometres by road from Zonguldak. By car, this equates to a journey time of a little less than an hour.

How do I get from ONQ airport to the city?

There are several ways to get from the airport to Zonguldak. You are most flexible with a rental car, which takes about an hour. There is also the option of booking a taxi or a shuttle bus. The airport is also connected to the city by public bus lines.

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In Zonguldak, the breathtaking beauty of nature and numerous warm sunny days await you. Plan your unforgettable holiday to Turkey now and find the cheapest flight deals to Zonguldak with SunExpress directly online.

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