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Flights to North Africa – escape to the sun

A trip to the north of Africa is a great way to soak up some sun and explore new cultures. Many airlines service the countries of Northern Africa, with most direct flights taking as little as a few hours. Visitors to countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco can expect beautiful beaches, clear waters and plenty of exciting attractions. The cities themselves are equally beautiful, with a distinctly different culture ensuring you can always expect something new when you visit. One of the biggest draws of this region is the Sahara, which can be explored in the traditional way atop a camel, or more comfortably with jeep excursions when you’re looking to cover more ground.

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Enjoy wondrous winter getaways

On the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, you’ll find plenty of seaside resorts and enticing destinations, such as the Red Sea. Here, visitors can look forward to a subtropical climate, with hot summers and exceptionally mild winters. Even in spring and autumn, the water temperature is high enough for you to swim and sunbathe without worrying about the chill. From June to October, the water temperature in the Mediterranean hovers around a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. These attractive temperatures persist until the depths of December. The desert areas are particularly hot, with temperatures rising to more than 50 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Even in winter, temperatures remain high, making North Africa the perfect destination for a sunny holiday, whatever the time of year. Just remember, the desert might be hot in the daytime, but come the night, temperatures plunge, with freezing temperatures common in the winter. If you’re visiting the Atlas Mountains – the natural border between the coastal areas and the Sahara – you can also expect milder temperatures due to the higher altitudes. For maximum enjoyment, this area is best explored from spring to autumn.

Discover the treasures of the Nile

In addition to many coastal towns, the Nile remains a popular destination with tourists. On its shores are the historic temples and gravesites of the ancient Egyptians. These stunning monuments can be explored on a cruise aboard a modern ship, or through more traditional means with an Egyptian sailing ship. Such a cultural holiday can be easily combined with a beach holiday on the Red Sea. Why not book a one-way flight to Luxor, then make your return home from Hurghada to ensure you see a real range of the Nile delta. Other popular seaside resorts include Sharm El-Sheikh and Marsa Alam. However, these are not the only options for beach tourists. These regions also offer fantastic diving opportunities with gorgeous coral reefs and colourful underwater environments, ideal for scuba diving or snorkelling. The region also offers premier conditions for all types of water sports.

Visit fascinating cities – marvel at Marrakesh and other spectacular sights

There’s plenty to discover in North Africa, with historic towns and cities, such as the centuries-old Marrakesh. This world-famous settlement boasts palaces, mosques and mausoleums by the handful. There’s plenty to discover here, with thriving marketplaces, live street performances and much more besides. The central squares also give visitors the chance to fully immerse themselves in the local traditions, from sampling local foods and delicacies to stocking up on regional crafts and trinkets. When you visit Marrakesh, don’t forget to schedule in some time for a visit to one of the most popular attractions in the city, the Camel Market.

Flights to North Africa – every journey made simpler

North Africa is served by leading airlines from all manner of international airports. The largest airports in the region can be found in the major cities of Rabat, Tunis and Cairo. Other popular destinations are also served by the airlines – in Egypt, these are mainly Hurghada (HRG), Sharm El-Sheik, Marsa Alam and Luxor. Many flights land in Morocco, while Tunisia also offers flights to destinations further afield, such as Monastir and Djerba. On average, flights from Frankfurt to Cairo take around four hours in total. More distant airports, such as Hurghada, can be reached in under five hours. Even for a short weekend break, these far-flung places make an ideal destination.

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