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Calabria – bright white beaches and countless sights to see

The region of Calabria is located in the south of Italy and occupies the toe of this boot-shaped country, so to speak. There, the summer is particularly long and offers tourists the best opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather on one of its wonderful beaches. In the evening, visitors are spoiled with local specialties – a good wine from the region is always served with a delicious meal. Calabria also has many sights to see, including remains of ancient settlements, palaces and castles, as well as countless churches and monasteries that are always worth a visit. In addition, the region is characterized by picturesque landscapes with large forested areas, numerous lakes and streams. Tourists can explore the area easily on one of its many trails, so Calabria is also highly recommended for nature lovers, passionate hikers and cyclists. In short, in the Calabria region of Italy, every holidaymaker will find attractive excursion destinations and accommodations to perfectly fit their personal preference.

German airlines fly direct to two airports in Calabria – one is located in Lamezia Terme (SUF) near the capital Catanzaro, the other in the city of Reggio Calabria in the region of the same name, in the south of Calabria. Are you going on holiday? Then book your flight to Calabria directly with SunExpress!

The provinces of Calabria: Catanzaro and Cosenza

Calabria consists of the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Vibo Valentina, Crotone and Catanzaro. The city of Catanzaro in the province of the same name is the capital of the region. Its main attractions are the Cathedral, the Norman Tower and the Villa Trieste, whose gardens invite you to take a stroll among marble statues and rare plants. Between it and the seaside town of Soverato are particularly beautiful beaches with fine, white sand, which often end at steep cliffs. Soverato is also known for its nightlife. In its many clubs, the summer months are full of dancing and celebration. North of Catanzaro lies the mountainous province of Cosenza. It is ideal for holidaymakers who like to hike in the mountains, but also equally interesting for adventurers. The Pollino National Park with canyons and waterfalls can be explored by canyoning, rafting or canoeing. In the winter months, the higher-lying areas even invite visitors to ski and snowshoe hike. If you like strolling through old streets, visiting the historical centre of Cosenza is a must, as it is one of the oldest in Italy.

The most beautiful destinations in the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valentina and Crotone

The province of Reggio Calabria is a main attraction for divers and snorkelers. In front of their Costa Viola, the violet coast, lie caves and an impressive underwater world where numerous species of fish live. Reggio Calabria is easy to reach by ferry. If you want to discover the sights of Sicily, you can make one or more day trips there. A popular destination for water sports is the Costa degli Dei in the province of Vibo Valentina. On this coast, there are perfect wind conditions, so surfers and kites are particularly popular here. This province is also interesting for bird lovers and in its nature reserves, numerous bird species can be observed. For them, the Sila National Park in the province of Crotone is also recommended and can be explored on foot or by bike. A popular circuit for cyclists is the bike path of Gariglione in the middle of the park. The most popular sights in the capital of the same name are the Cathedral and Charles V Castle in the Old Town.

Travelling to Calabria - the best time for vacationing

Flights to Calabria are worthwhile at almost any time of the year because this region has a mild climate all year round. In the winter months, the temperatures fall below 10 °C, however, from May onwards, the air temperature gradually returns to the 20 °C mark. If you want to swim, book your outbound flight at the earliest for June, as the waters have a consistently warm temperature of at least 20 °C. It cools only in October and November, so for a beach holiday, the pre or post-season is best. For an ideal holiday with real beach feeling, July and August are the perfect times to travel.

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