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Flights to Crete – for hikers, as well as beach and culture lovers

The Mediterranean island of Crete stretches 250km from east to west, and as such, is the largest of the Greek islands. It is the ideal destination for holidaymakers who would like to enjoy the pleasant weather on the beach but who would also like to have the opportunity to do something. Crete holds many cultural treasures, such as the Minoan Palace of Knossos. Equally attractive destinations for a day trip are the small hamlets dotted around the island, for example, the mountain village of Archanes with its typically Greek taverns and surrounding monasteries in which Byzantine frescoes can be found. Moreover, the island possesses picturesque landscapes, not least of which are the 2,500-metre high mountains that have gorges cutting straight through them; a popular destination for hikers is the Samariá Gorge. Those wishing to spend one day full of such activities and the next languishing on the beach will find that a flight to Crete is a very good choice.

With all the plants sprouting out of the ground, the island turns a wonderful shade of green. Does that sound like a perfect holiday? Book your flight to Herakltion (HER) or Chania (CHQ) today at SunExpress!

Using Chania as a base to explore the islands

Flights to Crete tend to land in Heraklion (HER) and Chania (CHQ). The town of Chania lies on northwest Crete, where holidaymakers can enjoy the beach immediately upon landing, due to its easy access to the ocean. In the evenings, on the other hand, a walk through the old town is recommended. Ottoman and Venetian houses can be found in its side streets, and the Venetians are also responsible for the construction of the lighthouse by the harbour. The Samariá Gorge can be reached with ease from Chania. A path leading through this natural monument with its 500-metre high, steep faces also takes hikers through a forest and down to the sea. To finish this grand journey off, hikers can reward themselves by jumping into the cool waters. Also worthwhile is an excursion to the island of Elafonisi – here, holidaymakers might think they are in the Caribbean, due to the particularly fine sand and the radiant blue-green water.

Flights to Heraklion – visiting the Minotaur

A holiday in Heraklion or in one of the small hamlets in the surrounding area is ideal for those who wish to visit the Palace of Knossos. According to Greek mythology, the great Minotaur, whom only Perseus was able to defeat, once dwelled here. All the small treasures that were unearthed here are on display at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The town itself also possesses many sites, such as the Venetian harbour, which includes a castle. Before taking the return flight, it is strongly recommended to visit the town market once more to purchase some olives, wine, feta and other Greek delicacies to savour back home. Heraklion is situated around the centre of the northern coast, making it an ideal location to set off from to visit other sites on the island. A further airport on the island is in the town of Sitia (JSH). This is only flown to on domestic flights, however.

The best time to travel

The sun nearly always shines from spring to autumn on Crete. If wanting to take a dip in the sea, however, a flight should be booked for early June, as the waters will have heated up to around 20 °C by then. The air temperature will have reached around 20 °C, too, and is therefore quite pleasant. Particularly suitable for a beach holiday are the months of July and August: the temperature is on average 28 °C during this time and is thus perfect for getting a tan or taking advantage of the water sport activities on offer. For hikers and holidaymakers who wish to take in as much culture as possible, spring and autumn are recommended. During these months, the island is less visited by tourists, but for a holiday filled with activity, the temperatures reaching up to a maximum of 22 °C are very comfortable. Spring is especially nice for hiking as the winter months see a lot of rain.

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