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Flights to the Red Sea – relax, dive or surf in awe-inspiring weather

The beautiful coastal towns of the Red Sea are among the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with plenty of hotels, resorts and sights to see. On their fantastic beaches, holidaymakers can swim in the winter and explore the impressive underwater world on dives. The coral reefs and the many colourful fish attract divers from all over the world, but even those who are simply interested in the culture of Egypt will get their money’s worth on a flight to Hurghada or Marsa Alam. From both places, it’s easy to venture off to see the Pyramids in Cairo, the temples of the Nile and many other destinations. This part of the country is waiting, with so much to offer.

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Swimming in December - the climate of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is comfortable for swimming in, all year round. From January to April, the water is somewhat cooler, at 17 to 18 °C. Only from May does it exceed the 20-degree mark, and it maintains this temperature until December. If you like the heat, book your flight to the Red Sea for July or August. During these months, it is more than 30 °C on most days. The months of May, June, September and October are somewhat cooler but still very warm. In November and December, the temperatures drop to an average of 23 or 20 °C. This is followed by three relatively cool months, with average temperatures of around 18 °C, and in April, the average temperature is about 20 °C. Precipitation is extremely rare in this region and the sun shines all year round.

Discover pearls in the Red Sea: Safaga

In addition to the three most famous seaside resorts, the Red Sea is home to many small coastal towns, such as Safaga, which can be reached quickly via the airport of Hurghada (HRG). Safaga is an old port city whose history dates back to the time before Christ’s birth. This place is perfect for windsurfers and kite flyers, due to the fantastic wind conditions. But even for divers, the city is very attractive, because off its coast—apart from the already beautiful underwater world with many colourful fish—lies a sunken ship. Other attractions of this seaside resort are the almost white beaches with fine sand. Families with children are especially welcome here. Culinary delights of all kinds are offered by the many cafés and restaurants.

The complete package for holidaymakers: Makadi Bay and El Gouna

Another attractive destination is Makadi Bay, with a variety of beautiful resorts that feature large pool facilities and extensive entertainment options. In these hotels, holidaymakers are comprehensively spoiled. Makadi Bay is located directly on the Arabian Desert and is, therefore, an ideal starting point for a camel ride or a jeep safari to the desert. These tours are often held in Bedouin villages where culinary specialties, and on request, a shisha, await the excursionists. Like Makadi Bay, El Gouna is a place specially created for tourism. Both destinations offer a lot of leisure and recreation and even provide guests with entertainment for the little ones. In their resorts, singles, couples and families relax.

Flights to the Red Sea: the airports along the coast

For tourists, the airports in Hurghada (HRG) and Marsa Alam on the east coast of Egypt and Sharm El-Sheikh on the Sinai are especially convenient. From there, it is a short trip to the hotels and other beautiful coastal towns. Sharm El-Sheikh airport is also a popular seaside resort on the Sinai and is located about 90km from the city. A flight to The Red Sea takes less than five hours without interruption, from Frankfurt. Because of this convenience, the seaside resorts in this region are not just for annual vacations but also for more frequent, short-term stays.

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