Rail & Fly – Your Train to the Plane

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Together with Deutsche Bahn, we offer Rail & Fly for your international flight departing from/to Germany, Basel or Salzburg. With Rail & Fly you can travel comfortably by train from one of over 5,600 DB stations to the airport (and back again).

Avoid traffics jams and expensive parking fees and instead choose a relaxed start to your journey onboard Deutsche Bahn – all for a low fixed price. Book your train to the plane now!

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How can I book Rail & Fly?

Rail & Fly tickets can only be booked in connection with an international flight departing from/to Germany, Basel or Salzburg.
You can book Rail & Fly as a round trip or one way. In addition, you can choose whether you want to travel in 1st or 2nd class on board the train.
Rail & Fly tickets are available for the below fixed price:

2.      Class 1.      Class
Adults and children 39,99 € 74,99 €
Children (0 -5 years old) free free

How do I receive my Rail & Fly ticket?

Once you have completed your booking, you will receive a voucher code per person and route via e-mail from SunExpress.

Important: The voucher code must be redeemed into a DB ticket before starting your journey. It is recommended to redeem your voucher as early as possible. To redeem you voucher, please visit sunexpress.bahnanreise.de

Which trains can I use with my Rail & Fly ticket?

The Rail & Fly ticket is valid on local and long-distance trains as well as on selected non-federal railroads (NE railroads). For more information on the ticket area of application, please visit: bahnanreise.de/geltungsbereich

When redeeming your voucher, you must choose a definite travel date (one day before or the day of your departure / one day after or the day of your return) and a specific train connection. However, on your chosen day, you are flexible in using all DB trains on the selected route.

Rebooking / Cancellation

In case you want to rebook or cancel your flight, the Rail & Fly ticket does not get rebooked or cancelled automatically. Please contact our Customer Service Center to change your Rail & Fly ticket. Rail & Fly tickets can be cancelled until 48 hours prior to departure. In this case, ticket rules may apply.

Additional information

1. When can I redeem my voucher code?
You can redeem your voucher code for a train ticket directly after the flight ticket has been issued. Further restrictions may result from the Deutsche Bahn timetables.
It is recommended to redeem your voucher code for a Rail&Fly ticket as early as possible.

2. Is it possible to redeem several voucher codes at once, f.e. for a travel group?
You can redeem a maximum of 5 voucher codes at once. You will then receive a joint Rail&Fly ticket. Alternatively, each person can redeem the voucher code separately, in which case individual tickets will be issued. Groups with more than 5 travelers must be divided into small groups of max. 5 people.
If travelers in a group would like to use different departure or destination stations or choose different train connections, a separate redemption process is required.

3. Why is the train I would like to take not being displayed?
To avoid overbooking, long-distance trains, which are expected to have an exceptionally high load factor are blocked from new bookings on all DB sales channels. These are usually trains in which all seats are already fully booked and the carriage of additional passengers can no longer be guaranteed. Therefore, these trains are also not displayed on sunexpress.bahnanreise.de.

4. Does my train ticket include a seat reservation?
If you have booked a 1st class train ticket, a seat reservation is already included. The assigned seats are noted on your train ticket.
If you have booked a 2nd class train ticket, you can book a seat reservation later.

5. Which documents must I provide during a ticket inspection?
Please show the train attendant your Rail&Fly ticket, your ID card/passport and your flight ticket. In case another check is carried out along your train journey, please keep your documents until you have reached your destination.

6. What do I do if I cannot provide my ticket during the ticket inspection?
If you are unable to provide your ticket during the onboard ticket inspection, you must identify yourself as a Rail&Fly passenger and ask the train attendant to issue a penalty fare. You now have 14 days to prove to Deutsche Bahn that you were entitled to use the train. In this case, the penalty fee will be refunded and you only have to pay a low processing fee.
Please do not buy an additional train ticket, as this cannot be refunded.

7. I can’t find my Rail&Fly ticket anymore. What should I do?
If you have lost your Rail&Fly ticket, you can log in at any time and download the ticket again until the day of travel.

8. Do I have access to the DB lounges with my Rail&Fly ticket?
If you have booked a 1st class Rail&Fly ticket, you have access to the DB lounges.