Take off with the X-Men!

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Superheroes like to fly – preferably with SunExpress! Just in time for the movie release of X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX a Boeing 737-800 NG has mutated into the heroic star of our fleet.

Our specialists did their best and put the special decal depicting characters from the new Marvel blockbuster on the plane within a single day. Thanks to their heroic efforts, the new X-Men plane with the registration D-ASXJ has been in regular flight operation since May 21st. Have you already spotted it? Or have you already flown with it?

This summer awakes a dark power! X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX – only in cinemas June 6th!

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX is the twelfth film in the X-Men series and – as some insiders claim – its grand finale! Now that the X-Men have proven themselves in countless battles and have beaten seemingly invincible enemies, they face their most sinister opponent. In their member Jean Gray alias Phoenix awakens a mysterious, immense power, which threatens the existence of all humanity. Can the X-Men still save the earth? And do they have to destroy their friend?
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What Dark Phoenix and Quicksilver said:

On the film’s media day, which took place on May 20th in Berlin, we had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with two of the main actors. Here, you can find out what Sophie Turner and Evan Peters told us and how they like our X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX plane.