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BKM Express

BKM Express—how to pay in Türkiye (Turkey)

Mobile Shopping with BKM

BKM Express is your national payment service for online and mobile shopping. Similar to American PayPal, you do not need to provide your credit card information when you use BKM Express through SunExpress. Instead, you pay easily and conveniently using your BKM Express Digital Wallet. In October 2015, the app was awarded the “Mobile Innovations Award” in the “Best Wallet Innovation” category in London.

How does BKM Express work?

To use BKM Express, you must first register at This process takes only a few minutes and is done quickly and easily. If you want to pay for your ticket or travel with SunExpress using BKM Express, just click on the corresponding payment option. There, you enter your access data as well as the password and confirm the payment amount, whereupon your money is transferred to SunExpress via a secure connection. You receive your ticket as well as the travel confirmation by e-mail.

Other advantages of payment with BKM Express

In addition to the direct payment, BKM Express also offers you the option of rating the payment. Furthermore, you can earn points and rewards with each transaction through BKM, which will sweeten your shopping experience.