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SunCafé Preorder Meals

SunLight Available for Purchase with SunLight

SunEco Available for Purchase with SunEco

SunClassic Available for purchase with SunClassic

SunPremium SunPremium Bundle Meal Option

Chicken Chicken Beef Beef Vegan Vegan Vegetrian Vegetarian Included in Golf Package Included in Golf Package

We offer a tasty variety of freshly prepared onboard meals, which can be preordered up to 36 hours before departure. Treat yourself to a delicious dining experience above the clouds! Bon appétit!

Chicken SunEco

Kids Meal


Fasten your seatbelt and relax: our youngest passengers will fly on cloud nine with our crispy chicken fingers, tangy potato wedges, and dip-a-licious tomato sauce. To top it all off, our little co-pilots will also receive a treasure chest filled with fruit, yogurt, and fun nibbles.

€ 11,99 


SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Breakfast Platter

Start your day the sunny way with fresh fruit and vegetables, assorted bread rolls, and a savory selection of meats and cheeses, garnished with dried fruits and nuts. Our filling breakfast platter is perfected with sweet jam, creamy butter, and olive oil.

€ 17,99


Chicken SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Fried Chicken


Our delicious classic – crispy chicken tenders, tangy potato wedges and a zesty tomato sauce, accompanied by fresh coleslaw and a velvety chocolate mousse.

€ 15,99


Chicken SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Chicken Shish Kebab


Chicken Shish Kebap on a bed of Turkish rice with oven-baked vegetables and tangy tomato sauce. This healthy dish is accompanied by a savory eggplant-vegetable salad, rustic ciabatta bread and creamy butter. For dessert, a luscious panna cotta, topped with raspberry sauce and pistachio dust awaits to satisfy your sweet tooth.

€ 15,99


Beef SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Beef Goulasch


Our hearty beef goulash, rich mashed potatoes, and sauteed broccoli is accompanied by a crunchy carrot salad, whole wheat bread, and creamy butter. For dessert, a velvety chocolate mousse, topped with cherry compote and coconut shavings awaits to be devoured by you.

€ 17,99


Beef SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Falafel (vegan)


Flavor-packed falafel on a bed of rice with a grilled eggplant-pepper medley and tangy tomato sauce. Our vegan meal is accompanied by crunchy carrot salad and a fresh fruit platter.

€ 14,99


Vegetarian SunEco SunLight SunPremium

Mezze Platter (vegetarian)


Try a taste of everything – stuffed wine leaves, filled bell peppers, fried eggplant, and a Haydari yogurt dip rounded off with a sweet baklava selection. Our fresh vegetarian feast is accompanied by a rustic ciabatta bun and a serving of creamy butter.

€ 15,99



SunClassic Snack Box

Enjoy a great selection of sweet and savory snacks and a refreshing still water.

Available only with purchase of SunClassic


Cheese Sandwich & 1 non-alcoholic beverage

Crunchy iceberg lettuce, fresh red peppers, and thick cheddar cheese garnished to perfection with a peppery cream cheese sauce on a sesame seed baguette.

Available only with purchase of the Golf Package

Food allergies and intolerance

There are many different factors that can cause food allergies and intolerances. Passengers who suffer from such food-related allergies are required to inform themselves about the ingredients of the food before consuming them.  

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that our aircraft and the food served on board are completely free of products containing allergens (such as nuts, foodstuffs and any their derivatives, etc.). Additionally, other passengers may bring products containing nuts and other allergenic foods on board. 

If you suffer from a food allergy, it is your responsibility to carry your required medicines in your hand luggage and have a doctor’s report with you to ensure that you do not have problems passing through airport security. Once on board, please inform our cabin crew about your allergies. In the event of a food intolerance or a severe allergic reaction on board, our medically trained personnel are ready to provide assistance. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Center. 

Additional Information:

  • The Golf Package and SunPremium also include one non-alcoholic beverage.
  • The Golf Package (Cheese Sandwich) and Kids Meal are available on international flights only.
  • Our meals do not contain pork, but may contain nuts and lactose.
  • Booked meals are not refundable.