New Cabin Design

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The new design of the cabins at SunExpress

New cab design at SunExpress

The interior design of an aircraft cabin affects more than just the colours of the seat cover. It also includes the most important theme for all travellers, from frequent flyers to holiday flyers—leg room. This theme is the focus of every airline when it comes to re-designing the interior cabins. On the 25th anniversary of SunExpress, the joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, the airline approved a completely new look.

In addition to the now glowing SunExpress logo, one of the most visible innovations is the passenger area in the new, next generation 737-800 aircraft. Even the existing six airplanes already in the company’s aircraft fleet have been given the passenger-friendly cabin redesign.

Leg room and fresh colours

Anyone travelling in a plane knows how important sufficient leg room is. That is why SunExpress chose comfortable seats from the manufacturer Zodiac for their new seating. These leather-covered seats have a particularly large setback angle but offer their passengers a plus in leg room. The reason for this is the so-called “literature pouch“, in which the onboard magazine and the safety card can be found, is now behind the fold-out table and no longer at knee level.

Thanks to the modern aircraft seats and their low weight, the airline also saves fuel and spares the environment. A new colour concept and corporate design were also introduced. Where in the cabin everything was coloured in blue, you’ll now see a fresh orange in combination with a light grey. SunExpress passengers should be able to sit back in their new seats while enjoying their flight to one of the more than 100 destinations from start to finish.

Flying 2.0—Inflight entertainment and the new lighting system, „Sky Interior”

The newly installed „Sky Interior“ lighting system also contributes to this pleasant atmosphere. By means of powerful and, at the same time, energy-saving LEDs in the cabin cover, sunrise and sunset can be simulated during the flight. And in order to offer the best entertainment on board the aircraft, a new system for in-flight entertainment is also integrated into the new SunExpress planes.

SunExpress Inflight Entertainment

With Wi-Fi, customers can choose from a wide range of entertainment and then view their content, from movies to magazines and magazines, on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition, SunExpress’s new in-flight entertainment system can also be used by passengers to order food, beverages and duty-free items.