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Bio-Security on Importing into the EU

Information on the Hesse Plant Protection Act—Plant and plant cultivation in passenger and crew luggage


Imports of certain plants, plant products and the like are prohibited. This applies to, among other things, potatoes, citrus plants and wine, as well as for all plants of the genus Solanum (nightshade plants).

Souvenirs of Vegetable Origin

In principle, the importation of all plants intended for planting is subject to special import regulations and to the obligation to notify, if not to prohibit them. It does not matter at first whether the plants are intended for commercial or private purposes. The provisions are as referred to in Annexes III to V, which are not covered by the EU Directive.

Notification Requirement

In addition to the plants, all plant parts listed in Annex V of the EU Directive 2000/29/EC, including cut flowers, fruits, seeds and vegetables, require a plant health certificate (original, not a copy) for proper import into the EU, which must be produced to the competent authority abroad. If the certificate is not presented beforehand, the certificates shall not be accepted on importation.

Important to Know

The above imports from non-European third countries are not subject to any small quantities in Germany. The note “Fumigated and inspected”, sometimes on the outside (in orchid cut flowers), is not enough on its own. A plant health certificate (phystosanitary certificate) is obligatory for all regulated plant products.

In the case of baggage checks, the most recent complaints were:

  • Plants, including flowers.
  • Cut flowers, e.g. The popular orchid cut flowers.
  • Fruit, e.g. Mango, citrus, apples, passion fruit, guavas, annone.
  • Vegetables, e.g. Eggplant, chilli, bitter cucumber, basil.
  • Seeds, e.g. of tomato, sunflower, corn, chilli (capsicum).

For further questions on the import of plants and plant products, please contact: [email protected]

Further Information

AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, “Do Not Risk It”, poster and leaflet information campaign, see:

Plant Protection Hessen:

Please note!
This regulation applies to passengers and crew. In the case of violations, you will receive a written warning with a fee of €50. Valid from 01/06/2016