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Belgium – small, but perfectly formed

Situated between the Netherlands and France, Belgium is a country that has a lot to offer, despite its relatively small size. There are plenty of natural attractions and essential landmarks to uncover, with inspiring architecture, breathtaking rural scenery and historic culture at every turn. Due to the maritime climate of the country, mild temperatures in the region of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius can be expected in the spring and autumn months. In the summer, temperatures can rise to well above 20 degrees Celsius. Whatever time of year you’re planning your visit, you’re always in for a winning welcome with Belgium.

Travellers can visit the various cities of Belgium and neighbouring Holland by train, with places such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague within easy reach. Whatever you have planned, book your Belgium flight with SunExpress today.

Discover international flavours in Brussels

One of the most important capital cities in Europe, Brussels is a thriving hub of culture, history and must-visit landmarks. One of the most striking features of the skyline is the Atomium, arguably one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Work was completed in 1958 and ever since, the landmark has stood proudly in its current location. The molecular-inspired piece stands as a promise to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, showcasing Belgium’s place in diplomatic relations on the world stage. Visitors can get a first-rate view of the city via the Atomium’s viewing platforms – a perfect spot for securing some stellar photo ops – with the uppermost reaches easily accessed via a lift.

The heart of modern politics

It’s impossible to forget the importance of Brussels when it comes to international politics. The European parliament has its seat in the capital city of Belgium, with many pivotal discussions held daily. The European parliament also occasionally opens its door to the public, allowing every individual to experience the heartbeat of modern politics in person. Even if you’re not interested in legislation, the parliament building itself needs to be visited. Aside from the awe-inspiring architecture, the building is host to more than 400 pieces of modern art from celebrated international artists. The collection is made up of contributions from all of the member countries of the European Union.

Antwerp – the jewel of Belgium

There’s more to love about Belgium than chocolate. One of Belgium’s most important cities is Antwerp, considered one of the most important trading centres for diamonds. No less than four diamond exchanges can be found in the city, where prices and trades are negotiated with passion. Antwerp has historic importance, with thrilling museums offering insights and background into the trade, and other exhibits highlighting the sensational beauty of the diamonds themselves. No matter how long you’re planning on staying in Antwerp, make sure a stroll through the Diamond District is high on your agenda. The waterside districts of Antwerp are slightly less glamorous but no less impressive. Built around the lower stretches of the river Scheldt, this region serves as the harbour of the city, the second largest in Europe, after Rotterdam. Due to its size, it is one of the most important economic centres and the largest single employer in Antwerp. Visitors can marvel at the world’s largest lock system built along the sprawling harbour docks.

See Bruges and fall in love

You’ll no doubt recognize Bruges from countless films and television shows, but the city is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Unearth landmarks from your favourite movies or explore the city at your own pace. Head to the water with a canal tour and explore the most beautiful corners of Bruges from a distinctly unique angle. Whether it’s typical Flemish gables or historic medieval buildings, the architecture in Bruge needs to be seen to be believed. An essential landmark to look out for is the 83-metre high Belfry, located in the heart of Grote Markt, the traditional market square of the city. You’ll always find plenty to do on the square itself, with local culinary treats and trinkets, plenty of activity and a bustling atmosphere.

Cheap flights to and from Belgium

As one of the most important political centres in the world, Belgium is a popular destination for air travellers. As a result, many different airlines operate flights to and from Belgium. Brussels Airport (BRU) is one of the most frequently used airports in the country, with international travellers from far and wide. No matter whether it’s an outward flight to somewhere far off the beaten track or a connection to your next destination, you’ll never struggle to find convenient flights at Brussels Airport, thanks to excellent connections.

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