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Sweden – marvellous nature meets magnificent cities

A holiday in Sweden is like a journey into childhood. The beautiful and idyllic natural landscapes with their colourful houses are almost instantly reminiscent of children’s films, such as Pippi Longstocking, and in this atmosphere, it is easy to forget everyday life in the real world. There are many interesting cities in Sweden, several with fascinating cultural offerings and a number of exciting sights to see. Sporting activities also offer a variety of experiences when on holiday in Sweden, but even for those who just want to get away, Sweden offers every visitor a unique experience and a suitable destination.

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Gothenburg – the perfect destination for a city trip

Among the most popular destinations for city trips are Gothenburg and the country’s capital, Stockholm. Gothenburg is situated in the west of Sweden and is surrounded by a beautiful coastline with numerous islands. Particularly interesting is the Bohuslän region – an archipelago with about 1,000 islands, which has been declared a National Marine Park. There, tourists can sunbathe at dreamlike beaches, venture out on a seal safari or stroll through quintessential Swedish villages with colourful houses. In comparison to other Swedish cities, Gothenburg is quite cheap and thus suitable for holidaymakers on a limited budget. Visitors can participate in many events and activities cheaply or free, including the great cultural festival in August.


Stockholm – stroll through the old town and visit Pippi Longstocking

Despite the size of the city, the Swedish capital of Stockholm has a cosy atmosphere, in no small part due to the fact that it is located on a total of 14 islands. The centre forms the pretty old town with small streets and often-oblique houses, the castle and a number of churches. The Swedes love to relax in their many cafes and restaurants. Stockholm’s archipelago, which consists of about 24,000 islands, is equally attractive. They can be explored on a trip by boat or kayak. Another pleasant excursion destination, not just for families with children, is Astrid Lindgren’s World, near Vimmerby. It is the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren, author of the Pippi Longstocking series of books, and features a beautiful theme park created as a tribute to the character of Pippi and other well-known characters from her books.

Sweden’s climate – when is the best time for a holiday?

Sweden has a moderate, relatively cool climate. Here, even in the summer, it is generally no warmer than 20 to 23 °C. It is not particularly cold in this region, and temperatures only drop slightly below zero during the winter months. Because of this temperate climate, a holiday in Sweden is suitable at any time of the year. If you’re wondering when it’s best to visit, the summer months between May and July are particularly beautiful, because throughout this period, the sun shines for the longest time during the day. This mild climate is mainly due to the influence of the Gulf Stream and the Baltic Sea. Sweden is also perfect for a winter holiday, and with some luck, even the northern lights can be seen at night during this time. For winter holidays, the regions in Northern Sweden offer the best getaway destination. It’s this part of the country where the best ski resorts are, and between Christmas and Easter, snowfall is regular and to be expected.

Sweden – where airlines fly non-stop to the most beautiful regions

Sweden is a long, stretched-out country with many airports. If you are planning a round trip, you can book an outbound flight to Stockholm and borrow a rental car to explore the rest of the country. If you want to travel to Gothenburg and opt for the Landvetter airport, you can rent a car and start your journey the same way.

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