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The unique Mediterranean flair of Italy

Whether it is a holiday in the mountains, on the beach, in nature or in the city, the varied but subtropical climate of the peninsula of Italy makes it possible to meet almost every preference. The internationally popular food will appeal to almost every palate and travellers can discover cuisine that varies from region to region. The climate and the delicious dishes are cultural attractions in every way. The opera city of Verona worthy of particular mention but the cultural festivals of the country are also extremely popular – the Roma Jazz Festival in the capital is a very special destination for fans of jazz and related music styles. There is no optimum time to travel to Italy; for winter sports, a holiday in the period from late November to early April is recommended, while sun worshippers plan their trip from March to August. For vacationers who want to extend the summer and those who prefer the mildness of autumn, the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are ideal up to November. Many airlines offer year round cheap flights to Italy, including, of course, SunExpress.

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Ski or beach holiday - Northern Italy offers both

During the winter months, the Alpine and Apennine-lined areas of northern Italy are inviting for a skiing trip; the Winter Olympic Games were held in Turin in 2006. The Italian lakes, such as Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, attract many tourists every year, with beautiful villages and mild summer temperatures. The temperature rises here in July and August to over 26 °C and at night there is an average of a mild 15 °C. Interesting sights are also to be discovered in northeastern Italy – such as the very impressive city of Venice. The lagoon city has a marvellous charm, with St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. Milan, on the other hand, impresses with its reputation as an international fashion capital. Here, guests can visit numerous annual fashion shows while the opera house, La Scala, attracts countless fans of classical music. In the Dominican monastery, visitors from around the world marvel at da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper” in its full glory. Depending on the booking, holidaymakers will also arrive directly in Milan Malpensa with a flight to Italy from SunExpress!

Typical Italian flair in central Italy

Mild winters as well as warm to hot summer months distinguish the regions of Central Italy, which extend from the Apennine range to the northern border of Naples. Tuscany is considered typical of the Italian countryside: olive and pine trees, vines and cypresses line rolling hills in the sunshine. Apart from the hills, the beaches in Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio promise a relaxing beach holiday on the Mediterranean. Action fans will also find their way to this region, regardless of whether they want to surf, kite or sail. Sightseers appreciate Tuscany also for its numerous interesting attractions, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the Piazza dei Miracoli. Further south, a must for every fan of Italy is the capital, Rome: the Coliseum, where gladiators fought and which has 80 entrances, is a masterpiece of architecture, while the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican are also very impressive sights.

The sparkling charm of Southern Italy

With water temperatures of up to 25 °C in the summer, a day on the beach is a popular alternative to cultural sightseeing tours. Dive sites in the waters surrounding the peninsula Portofino and Calabria’s coasts are suitable for exploring underwater. However, even a beach holiday calls for a little variety – how about a volcano discovery tour? Many ruined temples in Campania and Sicily testify to the influence of active volcanoes: here are the 1,281m high Mount Vesuvius, the 926m Stromboli and the Mount at 3,323m.

A shopping trip also promises variety. Catania, the second largest city of Sicily and a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts numerous food markets, such as the fish market in Christopher Columbus Street or the Pescheria, a small market in narrow streets surrounded by Baroque villas. In Lamezia Terme you will find the fascinating contrasts of the Cathedral, the ruins of Castello Normanno-Svevo, and thermal springs, which were known to the ancient Romans. SunExpress offers a cheap, round-trip flight to and from Lamezia Terme (SUF).


Discover Switzerland with convenient flights

Switzerland has numerous smaller and larger airports, so all of the country’s major resorts are within easy reach. The largest airports are located in Zurich (ZRH), Basel (BSL), Geneva (GVA) and Berne (BRN). All are within a few kilometres of the respective city centres and have good connections to the public transport network, so upon arrival, your transfer to a downtown hotel is quick and easy.

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