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Bookings even more flexible with SunFlex 3

Your extra for a free rebooking within SunEco

Book now: add SunFlex 3 to your booking and benefit from a free rebooking option for your international flight.

Plan your next trip with SunExpress without getting stressed! You can now add SunFlex 3 to your booking and benefit from a free rebooking option with our basic fare SunEco. This way you can stay flexible for all kinds of unexpected situations.

Select SunFlex 3 during the booking process or simply add this extra to your existing booking.

The advantage of SunFlex 3

With the standard SunEco fare, an additional fee is charged if you change your booking. Depending on the time of rebooking, this fee ranges between 60 and 100 Euros for international flights.

Add the SunFlex 3 extra to your booking at least 72 hours prior to departure and benefit from being able to change your booking once up to 3 days prior to departure free of charge. You only need to pay the fare difference between the original and the rebooked flight.

The conditions

1. Which routes is SunFlex 3 available for?
SunFlex 3 is bookable for all international routes offered in the SunEco fare.

2. Is SunFlex 3 bookable for all flight fares?
SunFlex 3 is only bookable as an extra for the SunEco fare. However, it is already included in our SunClassic fare. Our SunPremium fare includes SunFlex 7 which gives you the option to change your booking once up to 7 days before the departure date.

3. How much does the SunFlex 3 extra cost?
You can book the SunFlex 3 extra for only 12.99 Euros per person for each route.

The offer is valid for new as well as existing bookings1 .


FAQs Booking SunFlex 3

You can book SunFlex 3


How to do it at

  • Choose SunFlex 3 directly as part of the third booking step (‘Extras’).

The SunFlex service includes a one-time change, free of charge up to 3 days before the scheduled departure date. For example, if you wanted to rebook your flight which is scheduled for 01.12.2021, the latest point in time to change your flight would be the 28.11.2021.

SunFlex includes a one-time booking change without an additional fee.

SunFlex 3 should be booked no later than 72 hours prior to departure. Changing a booking is possible for free (without change fees) once up to 3 days prior to the departure of the booked flight to another date.

If the flight on the new date is more expensive than the original flight, the price difference will be charged.

You can change your existing booking in the same channel where you originally booked your SunExpress flight:

SunFlex 3 does not include the cancellation of a booking free of charge. If you would like to cancel your booking, our standard terms and conditions of cancellation apply. If you cancel your booking, we will not be able to refund you the SunFlex 3 fee.


1It is valid for all existing bookings since 1st of January 2021