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Book flights with SunExpress – terrific travel deals!

Enjoy plenty of choices when it comes to affordable and easy travel with SunExpress. Founded in 1989 as an innovative joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, SunExpress came to life, providing regular services to Türkiye (Turkey), with popular destinations including Antalya and Izmir. Today, SunExpress provides dozens more connections to international destinations far and wide. Cheap flights and easy online bookings make SunExpress increasingly popular amongst travelers, from vacationers to business visitors. SunExpress also continues to serve Turkish nationals looking to head back home and reconnect with loved ones without the sky-high price tag.

With SunExpress, you can tailor your travels to best meet your individual needs and save for the things you love doing like escaping to the sun, reconnecting with family abroad, or making quick work of international business.

Enjoy convenient connections from Europe with SunExpress

Thanks to our extensive route network, you have more choices than ever before. We offer flights from both major hubs and local airports across Europe including Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris or Stockholm. We also offer connections to leading transport hubs including Frankfurt and London.

Book flights online the easy way

You can book one-way or round-trip flights to your preferred destinations online whenever you want. Once you have input your departure and arrival dates and destinations, you will see a complete list of available connections. You can also browse through our summer and winter schedule for an overview including available connections via multiple airports. If you are a frequent flier and looking to save even more money from your travel budget, keep your eyes peeled for available discounts and favorable rates. 

Flights with SunExpress – low prices, spectacular service

When you book flights with SunExpress, you may choose from SunLight, SunEco, SunClassic and SunPremium packages. SunLight, our bare fare, is the best option if you want to travel light. SunEco, our economic basic fare for international and domestic flights, includes one larger piece of hand baggage up to 8 kg and a checked baggage allowance. The SunClassic fare differs from SunEco in that it includes a Snack Box & 1 Still Water, a standard seat reservation and an additional baggage allowance of 5 kg. In addition to a baggage allowance of an extra 10 kg, SunPremium also includes a free choice of comfortable XLeg seats with extra legroom and pre-order meal. No matter what type of ticket you’ve booked, you can also add extras to your reservation and personalize your travel experience.


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