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Boeing 737-8

Boeing 737 MAX 8

The Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is the newest member of our fleet, operating under the name Boeing 737-8, stands out with its less fuel consumption, less noise and innovative cabin design.

Following the recertification of the Boeing 737-8 by all relevant aviation authorities, we introduced the aircraft to our flight schedule as of December 2021.

Boeing 737-8 orders

A modern fleet is one of the foundations of effective flight operations. We have ordered 42 Boeing 737-8, which will help us to renew and grow our fleet.

Having been developed based on the Boeing 737-800 model, which has the longest service life of all time, the Boeing 737-8 is a twin-engine aircraft that combines impressive performance parameters with a comfortable flying experience. Taking medium to long haul flight operations one step further, the 737 MAX family includes models that prioritize environmentally friendly air travel.

A more powerful lightweight engine

The Boeing 737-8 uses approximately 14 percent less fuel than the Boeing 737-800 model. Although the new CFM LEAP-1B engines are more powerful, 737-8 model airplanes cause 40 percent less noise pollution compared to previous models.

The motor blades are made of super strong lightweight carbon using 3D technology.

The blades on the Boeing 737-8 engine are advanced and designed to provide high efficiency in reducing fuel consumption.

Your safety is our priority

At SunExpress, safety is our top priority and at the forefront of every decision we make. To ensure the flight safety of the 737-8 aircraft, as SunExpress, we have acted and continue to act in close cooperation with the relevant aviation authorities and Boeing, as well as our safety and engineering teams.

In preparation for the recertification process, Boeing carried out more than 1350 test flights and all pilots and aircraft mechanics received additional training. The system now compares input from two angle-of-attack sensors as opposed to one; the aircraft only responds if data from both sensors agree and only activates once per event. Furthermore, pilots will always have the ability to override the aircraft’s systems.

After the completion of the most thorough inspection process in aviation history, involving expert engineers, scientists, mechanics and pilots, the aircraft was certified by major aviation authorities, including the:

Preparation for delivery

Once the Boeing 737-8 was recertified, we began preparing ourselves for the delivery of our aircraft. The following steps were taken before the Boeing 737-8 joined the SunExpress fleet in December 2021.

Maintenance & Testing

  • Boeing implemented a number of changes and performed the required maintenance which included:
  • Flight Control Computer (FCC) Software Updates:
    • Changes to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS)
    • Use of multiple sources of Angle of Attack (AOA) input
    • FCC Dual Processor Monitors
    • Addition of software column cutout function as a backup to switches
    • Cross FCC Monitor
    • Autopilots disconnect near stall enhancement
  • MAX Display System (MDS) Software
      AOA DISAGREE indication is baseline with the airplane
  • “Displays Software Config” error correction during software loading
  • Extensive preliminary inspections and test flights were carried out by the SunExpress Operations Departments without passengers before delivery of the aircraft

Pilot training

Our pilots who fly the 737-8 have undergone FAA-approved training that includes:

  • Computer-based instruction
  • Hands-on training in a full-flight simulator
  • A system briefing, checklist, and quick-reference handbook
  • Test flights with the participation of SunExpress experienced pilots and technical teams

During training, pilots gained enhanced understanding of the 737-8 flight control system, including MCAS and the related software changes.