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Approved handgun transport service

From 01/08/2018, there will be a charge from 44,99 € (international flights) or from 79,99 TL (domestic flights) for the transport service for approved handguns, rifles and ammunition. On domestic flights, the following categories are exempt from the fee:

Subject to the presentation of valid ID and the weapons permit at the check-in counter:

  • VIP passengers listed in the list of senior civil servants
  • Security officers travelling with VIP passengers and authorised by private security services in accordance with Act No. 5188
  • Public servants with arms certification (green)
  • Retired civil servants with arms certification (blue)
  • Members of the police and Turkish armed forces who identify themselves


  • A fee will be charged for each weapon (including ammunition).
  • There will be no reimbursement of fees, except in cases of cancellation of the trip and in similar circumstances.

Procedure at the airport for the transport of approved small arms, rifles and ammunition:

  • Passengers wishing to carry their weapons must first go to the gun drop-off point at the airport (Turkish airports) and hand over their weapons to the responsible employee.
  • Passengers who have received a submission card or receipt from the gun drop-off point confirming submission of their weapon should present this card or receipt at check-in.
  • The responsible staff at the check-in counter will check the ID and weapons permit, and accept payment by credit card (if passengers are not exempted from paying the fee). If desired, passengers can also pay the fee in our sales outlets. Passengers who have paid at our sales points must check in at the counter for check-in formalities.
  • After payment and formalities have been completed at check-in, passengers should return to the gun drop-off point with their luggage ticket.
  • At airports without a separate gun drop-off point, passengers should contact the check-in staff directly.