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Electronic devices

Use of electronic devices on board

On this page you can find an overview of which electronic devices you can bring into the cabin in your hand baggage and if, and when they can be used on board. Please also follow the crew’s instructions in this regard.

The use of the following electronic devices is strictly prohibited at all times

  • Electronic devices capable of transmitting data which have no flight mode feature
  • Devices transmitting radio frequencies (e.g. walkie-talkies)
  • Any kind of printer or receiver (e.g. TV / radio, portable stereo systems, GPS)
  • Wireless computer accessories (e.g. mouse, wireless network connection)
  • CD/DVD writers and minidisc recorders in record mode
  • GSM modems
  • Remote-controlled toys and devices
  • Telemetric equipment (electronic devices to measure distances)
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Powerbanks

The above devices must be completely switched off and remain safely stowed away throughout the entire flight.

Portable electronic devices which are approved for use on board

 ✔ Mobile Phones/Smart phones/Smart watches
 ✔ Tablet computers
 ✔ Noise-canceling headphones
 ✔ Digital Audio / MP3 Players
 ✔ Electronic Games
 ✔ Assistive Medical Devices

 ✔ Laptops / Notebooks
 ✔ e-Readers
 ✔ Portable DVD / CD Players
 ✔ Bluetooth Devices
 ✔ Personal Cameras
 ✔ Pocket calculators, Shavers

When can approved portable electronic devices be used on board?

The following devices can be used at any time without restriction:

  • Heart pacemakers
  • Hearing aids
  • Electronic watches
  • Devices with micro / button cell batteries
  • Devices powered by solar cells
  • Pagers (receivers only)

The following table shows when other approved portable electronic devices can be used on board:

Handheld Transmitting PEDs Handheld Transmitting PEDs Non-Transmitting PEDs
Phase of Flight (e.g. smart phones, tablets)“Flight Mode” On (e.g. smart phones, tablets)“Flight Mode” Off Laptops, Notebooks (e.g. Portable DVD Players
Extended Ground Delay at Parking Position ✔(only when permitted by the flight crew) ✔ (only when permitted by the flight crew)
From Pushback and Taxi out for Take-off ✔¹ X X ✔¹
Take-off ✔¹ X X ✔¹
Cruise (approx. 15 minutes after take-off) ✔¹ X ✔² (only in “flight mode”) ✔²
Descent / Approach X X
Landing ✔¹ X X ✔¹
Taxi to Parking Position

1 Headsets / earphones are not to be used during take-off and ​landing.

Bluetooth devices/accessories, including those attached to the devices with flight mode feature, can be used during cruise flight only.

Please note:

  • Small devices that can be held by hand and are not in use must be placed in a secure place
  • Laptops which are not in use must be switched off and stowed securely

Portable electronic devices which need to be registered

If you wish to bring an assistive medical device or any other device not mentioned above on board, please register it before your flight by contacting our Customer Service Center.