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The SunExpress app - easy-to-use and convenient

Everything you need to know about your flight is just a click away.

The SunExpress app is now available for iOS and Android users as an ideal travel companion. It looks forward to offering you all the functions and services you need for your journey: Booking your flight, purchasing extra luggage,  reserving seats, pre-ordering meals, online-check-in and accessing real-time information- All of them are one click away with SunExpress App.



What makes the SunExpress app an ideal companion for your travel? All the functions you need for your travel in one app:

Complete your bookingin just a few steps

Book even faster & collect SunExpress Bonus Points with your SunExpress Bonus account

Receive real-time information about your flight – anytime & anywhere

Add tariff upgrade, rebooking & extras – all in one app

Check-in online in seconds & save your boarding pass directly on the home page

Open our in-flight entertainment system via the app, sit back and enjoy the flight

Do you have any questions? Receive answers quickly and easily via WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger

Discover our exclusive flight deals for your next trip

All functions briefly explained:

Quick & easy booking

Book your flight with the SunExpress app – In just a few steps you can select
the best offers from our clearly laid out flight offer page, enter your contact
details and complete your booking. Do you want any extras? – No problem!
Book your extra items to make your journey a comfortable one.

My bookings

Manage your entire trip via your SunExpress app. Do you want to upgrade,
rebook or add a flight to your itinerary? – No problem! You can use the “My
bookings” function to manage your bookings in the most convenient way

Check the easy way

Simply check-in online in just a few seconds. All information about your next
flight and the boarding pass can be viewed at a glance on the home page
without having to log in to anywhere. You can also save your boarding pass to
your Apple Wallet or share it with your loved ones.

Stay up to date

Receive real-time information about your flight as well as notifications about
your trip and exclusive offers from SunExpress. Subscribe to the flight status of
your booking and receive all notifications about your take-off and landing – so
your loved ones can also stay up to date.

Manage your SunExpress Bonus Account

By registering to our loyalty program “SunExpress Bonus”, you can manage your
profile in the app, collect and transfer SunExpress Bonus points and keep an
eye on your booked flights and your SunExpress Bonus points.

Where to next?

Get inspired by our advantageous & special flight offers for your next trip and
you can book your next flight  with us easily via the SunExpress app.

Our In-flight Entertainment system

Let us entertain you above the clouds- with one click you are in our in-flight
entertainment system on board your flight.

Contact & Help

Do you have any questions or feedback for us? – You can easily get in touch
with our call center via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.