Social commitment

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SunExpress supports the Golden Orange Foundation, the Antalya Piano Festival, the International Izmir Festival, the Ayvalik International Music Academy, the Antalya Arts Festival, the Youngenc Orchestra, the Antalya Youth Education Association, the Runtalya Marathon and the Side Bicycle Marathon. Our aim is to contribute to the social and cultural life of Antalya and Izmir.

In addition, the company supports the project “Baba beni okula gönder,” which offers scholarships to 100 girls each and every year. Moreover, the company supports the German school in Izmir.

Also when it comes to sports SunExpress is a huge sponsor. SunExpress yearly sponsors the Runtalya marathon in Antalya and the bike race in Side. SunExpress also is the official carrier of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Basketball Team and the Antalyaspor Football Team. As an active member of the Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV) and the project “Destination Izmir,” which was founded to promote the development of tourism in Izmir from Europe, SunExpress also supports the TÜROFED (Turkish Hotels Federation) with the aim of continued expansion of the hotel industry.