Damaged and lost baggage

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Damaged Baggage

Should your suitcase be damaged upon arrival, please report this immediately to the ground handling services office (lost & found office) at the arrival hall. An official report (Property Irregularity Report) must be completed.
To provide the quickest service, we have a an agreement with the company “Dolfi 1920 GmbH.” Your suitcase will be picked up by “Dolfi” and will be repaired, or replaced, if necessary.
Please click here to contact “Dolfi 1920”.
Attention: Please note that the service stated below is only offered for passengers located in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium.
For further questions and requests regarding damaged baggage, please contact us by clicking here.

Please be advised that SunExpress is not liable for damaged baggage and its content in the following cases:

  • Over-sized or over-packed heavy weight baggage
  • Inadequate packing of baggage
  • Baggage marked with limited release tags
  • Scratches and dents
  • Baggage that gets stained during the transport
  • Leaving arrival area before you have completed official report (Property Irregularity Report)
  • Baggage which are not registered on the owner
  • Baggage without bag tags
  • Stolen contents (in this case please contact the local police office)
  • Damaged and lost valuable contents (detailed information you will find in our terms & conditions)

Further detailed information may be found in our terms & conditions.

Lost Baggage

Should your suitcase be lost, please report this immediately to the ground handling services office (lost & found office) at the arrival hall so that an official report (Property Irregularity Report) can be completed.
Please be assured that we will put forth every effort to locate your suitcase as quickly as possible.

A search for your suitcase will be performed for 45 days by means of a worldwide baggage tracing system which many airlines use. You may check the current status of your suitcase by contacting our lost&found office and providing the reference number (e.g. FRAXQ1018) on your report.

Track back your lost luggage online:
Here you can track the status of your lost luggage anytime online via the World Trace programme by providing your surname and file number (PIR).

If your suitcase is not delivered within the 45 day period, we kindly ask you to submit the following documents and information to either one of our addresses shown below:

  • Property Irregularity Report (original)
  • Flight tickets with all baggage tags (original)
  • A detailed list of the contents of the suitcase including prices of the items and their date of purchase.
  • If available, the sales receipts of the damaged property.
  • Bank details (name of bank, branch name, account holder, account number, type of currency (€, TL, USD) SWIFT Code and IBAN number.
  • Your E-mail address

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