Damaged and lost baggage

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Damaged Luggage

Report the damage immediately at the airport

We are very sorry that your baggage has been damaged in transit. Please be assured that we are taking all necessary measures to repair the damage. Please report damaged baggage immediately to baggage tracing desk (Lost and Found) at the airport .

In matters of baggage damage, SunExpress works together with the company Dolfi 1920 Baggage services. The service includes inspection of the damaged baggage item and the option to have it repaired or to receive a straightforward replacement item of baggage. In many countries, Dolfi 1920 Baggage services offers a free collection and delivery service for the baggage, avoiding any complicated processes and additional costs. Please click here to contact Dolfi 1920 Baggage services.

For further requests concerning your damaged luggage please click here.

Making a subsequent complaint about damage

If you do not notice the damage until you are at home or in a hotel, be sure to report it in writing within the legally prescribed period of seven days after your flight. You must also produce evidence that the damage occurred whilst the bag was in the care of the airline concerned. Please click here to contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that SunExpress is not liable for damaged baggage and its content in the following cases:

  • Inadequate packing of baggage
  • Baggage marked with limited release tags
  • Scratches and dents
  • Baggage that gets stained during the transport
  • Leaving arrival area before you have completed official report (Property Irregularity Report)
  • Baggage which are not registered on the owner
  • Baggage without bag tags
  • Suspicion of Pilfrage (in this case please contact the local police office)

Lost Luggage

Report lost baggage at the airport

We are very sorry that your baggage was not at your destination airport. Please report this immediately to the ground handling services office (lost & found office) at the arrival hall so that an official report (Property Irregularity Report) can be completed. Be assured that we will do everything necessary to return your baggage to you as quickly as possible. Baggage is traced by means of a worldwide baggage search system.

Important: Claim settlement is excluded without the loss report to be generated at the airport.

Baggage search

In the event of a baggage search, please address any queries in the first 5 days to the airport baggage tracing service where you reported your loss or click here to contact us.

Online baggage search

We are searching for your baggage with the help of a worldwide baggage tracing system. You can check on the progress of your baggage tracing online by means of the reference number. Please click here to track online the status your lost luggage.

Extended baggage search after 5 days have expired/Claim settlement

We find most missing items of baggage within the first 24 hours. As soon as your baggage is located we will contact you to arrange to deliver it to you. In rare cases we may not be able to locate an item of baggage within 5 days. In this case too, please complete the list of the contents (see below) of your delayed item of baggage.

With the help of the contents list you complete, we will carry out an intensive contents-related search for your baggage. This contents-related search enables us to assign the majority of delayed baggage to its rightful owner. For this reason we request that you complete the baggage contents list in as much detail as possible, including all the information about your baggage only once 5 days have expired. This list will be financial base of your claim settlement. Please fill in the following baggage contents list and click here to send it. Furthermore add following information:

  • Property irregularity report, flight ticket, baggage tag number, bank account details (name of bank, branch name, account holder, account number, type of currency (€, TL, USD) SWIFT Code and IBAN number.
  • Baggage contents list

For further questions and requests regarding your lost luggage baggage, please click here.

Late delivery of your luggage

If your baggage has been delivered to you late, you can apply here for any requests.

Please note the following reporting deadlines*:

Subject Legal reporting deadline
Gepcäkbeschädigung Innerhalb von sieben Tagen nach Gepäckauslieferung
Replacement purchases in the case of delayed baggage delivery Within 21 days of baggage hand-out
Total loss Within two years

*The postmark or automatic date of receipt in the case of a fax or e-mail notification is decisive for the observance of the deadlines.

Further detailed information may be found in our terms & conditions.