Electronic devices

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Except cruise flight, the use of any electronic device is strictly forbidden.

Devices that may be used without restriction:

  • Devices with micro or round-cell batteries
  • Devices powered by solar cells
  • Electronic watches (including those with time-signal receivers)
  • Hearing aids (also digital models)
  • Pagers (only receiving devices)
  • Pacemakers

Devices that may be used on the ground before takeoff and after landing:

  • mobile phones assigned for the aircraft’s communication

Devices which usage is allowed in flight after 15 minutes from take-off till to descent announcement:

  • Laptops without printer (write mode of CD/DVD drives and devices to receive television and radio programs must be turned off)
  • Displays using LCD technologyPalmtops, organizers
  • Replaying devices for CDs/VCDs/DVDs/MP3 and audio cassettes (radio mode must be turned off)
  • Normal or digital photo and video cameras
  • Computer games or computer toys without radio transmission
  • Pocket calculators without printer
  • Electric shavers
  • CD players, MiniDisk players and MP3 players
  • Playback devices for magnetic tapes (e.g. Walkman)
  • Video cameras and recorders (including digital models)
  • Digital cameras
  • Video displays (excluding tube devices)
  • Electronic toysTablet PC

Devices which usage is forbidden at any time:

  • Display devices with cathode ray tubes
  • Large, portable stereo systems
  • Pocket radios (medium wave/FM)
  • Television receivers
  • Devices used to transmit radio waves (walkie-talkies, etc.)
  • Any type of printer or receiver (television/radio, portable stereo systems, GPS, etc.)
  • Wireless computer accessories (e.g. mouse, wireless network links, CD/DVD-writing drives and MiniDisk recorders in record mode
  • Devices supporting Bluetooth and infrared
  • GSM modems
  • Remote-controlled toys
  • Telemetric equipment (electronic devices to measure distances)

Devices for which an individual permit needs to be obtained:

  • Electronic devices for medical purposes
  • Any device not listed here