Airport Information

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Covid-19 hygiene measures:

Here you can find out more about the hygiene measures that we are taking at the airport and on board our flights to ensure that you feel completely at ease with us.

Airport information:

*Please always check out the airport websites for the latest updates.

Country Airport Airport Code Terminal Airport website
Austria Vienna VIE 1
Belgium Brussels BRU B
Czech Republic Prague PRG 1
Denmark Aalborg AAL MAIN
Denmark Billund BLL 1
Denmark Copenhagen CPH 2
Finland Helsinki HEL 2
France Lyon LYS 1
France Marseille MRS A
France Nantes NTE 2
France Paris-Charles De Gaulle CDG 3
Germany Berlin BER 1
Germany Bremen BRE 1
Germany Cologne-Bonn CGN 2
Germany Dortmund DTM MAIN
Germany Dusseldorf DUS C
Germany Frankfurt FRA 1
Germany Hamburg HAM 1
Germany Hanover HAJ C
Germany Leipzig LEJ MAIN
Germany Muenster FMO 2
Germany Munich MUC 1
Germany Nuremberg NUE MAIN
Germany Paderborn PAD MAIN
Germany Saarbruecken SCN 1
Germany Stuttgart STR 1 & 4
Hungary Budapest BUD 2A & 2B
Iran Teheran IKA 1
Iraq Erbil EBL MAIN
Ireland Dublin DUB 1
Israel Tel Aviv TLV 3
Italy Milan-Malpensa MXP 1
Lebanon Beirut BEY MAIN
Macedonia Skopje SKP 1
Netherlands Amsterdam AMS 3
Netherlands Eindhoven EIN MAIN
Norway Oslo OSL 2
Poland Katowice KTW A
Poland Warsaw WAW A
Romania Bucharest OTP MAIN
Sweden Gothenburg GOT MAIN
Sweden Stockholm-Arlanda ARN 5
Switzerland Basel/Mulhouse BSL 1
Switzerland Geneva GVA 1
Switzerland Zurich ZRH 3
Türkiye (Turkey) Adana ADA INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Ankara ESB INT
Türkiye (Turkey) Antalya AYT 1 & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Bodrum BJV INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Dalaman DLM 2 & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Diyarbakır DIY INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Elazığ EZS INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Erzurum ERZ INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Eskisehir AOE INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Gaziantep GZT INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Hatay HTY INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Izmir ADB INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Kars KSY INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Kayseri ASR INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Konya KYA INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Malatya MLX INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Mardin MQM INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Samsun SZF INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Trabzon TZX INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Van VAN INT & DOM
Türkiye (Turkey) Zonguldak ONQ INT & DOM
United Arab Emirates Dubai DXB 1
United Kingdom Birmingham BHX MAIN
United Kingdom Edinburgh EDI MAIN
United Kingdom London-Gatwick LGW SOUTH
United Kingdom London-Luton LTN MAIN
United Kingdom Manchester MAN 1