Travelling with kids

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Children Travelling Alone (UMs)

Children are always our special guests. We work hard to make them feel comfortable onboard our aircraft. For all children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are traveling alone, we offer a safe and secure Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Service from 54,99 € one way on international flights and from 249,99 ₺ one way on Turkish domestic flights. Our young guests are picked up by our friendly staff at check-in, given a UM chest bag to hang around the neck containing all important travel documents, then escorted through customs, security checks and onto the aircraft. In the aircraft they are offered a complimentary refreshment and made to feel at home by our cabin staff during the flight. On arrival they are handed over to our ground staff who ensure they are delivered to the person designated by you. Your children are under constant supervision along the entire journey for your peace of mind.
If you would like to make use of the SunExpress UM Chaperone Service, please call our Customer Service Center at least 48 hours before your international flight and 2 hours before your domestic flight.

The following information is needed:

  • flight number and date
  • age and name of your child
  • name and phone number of the person who will bring and pick up the child

*On request of the parents, children between the ages of 12 and a maximum of 16 who travel alone can also be looked after.

For detailed travel luggage regulations please click here.

Children and family service

We want to help our guests traveling with children have as comfortable a flight as possible. Therefore, we recommend reserving seats, to ensure that your entire family sits together. With our “Best Family Offer”, you can save up to 40% on select seats.

For passengers traveling with babies between 0 and 2 years of age, we offer a free baggage allowance of 20 kg on international flights and 15 kg on domestic flights, as well as free transportation of buggies, strollers and child car seats. Detailed luggage regulations can be found here.

By reserving seats in the front row (from 10,99 € per person and route on international flights and from 129,99 ₺ per person and route on domestic flights), you can also enjoy the convenience of a baby cot. This is suitable for babies weighing up to 11 kg and depending on the aircraft, is located either ONLY in row 1 A/B/C or ONLY in row 2 D/E/F. For further information, please contact our Customer Service Center. Please note that there is only one baby cot on board each aircraft and that in the event of an aircraft change, the use thereof is subject to availability. Additionally, our aircraft are equipped with changing tables.

Children’s seats on board

To ensure the added safety of our youngest passengers, you can bring your child’s car seat on board with you, provided it is a special model with an appropriate child restraint system. As child car seats can be fitted only on specific seats in the aircraft – on all window seats, with the exception of those in the first row and adjacent to emergency exits – we ask that you inform us that you wish to bring your child’s seat on board when booking your seats.
Here is a list of all the car seat models that can be fitted on those aircraft seats mentioned.