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Bulgaria – visit beautiful cities, or relax and enjoy endless, sandy beaches

Even when looking no further than its exquisite Black Sea coast, Bulgaria offers some great holiday destinations. There are popular seaside resorts such as Golden Sands, which is mainly known for its extensive nightlife and attracts partygoers from all over the world. However, if you prefer something quieter, there are other coastal towns you can visit, such as Burgas – its fantastic sandy beaches are always popular with bathers and water sports enthusiasts. In addition, Bulgaria also has many other interesting cities, including its capital, Sofia. So if you wish, you can combine a beach holiday with a city break – for example, booking an outbound flight to Burgas (BOJ) and a return flight from Varna (VAR), destinations that are served by many different airlines, including SunExpress. At Burgas, it’s possible to arrange car hire direct from car rental agencies at the airport, which makes it so easy and convenient to explore Sofia and other cities by car. And after your sightseeing trips, there’s still plenty of time to relax.

These exhibits give visitors a sense of the city’s history throughout the long years when it was ruled by the Greeks and the Romans. Sofia is a good starting point for trips to the iconic Vitosha Mountain. Cherni Vrah, its highest peak, stands at 2,190 metres and can be reached either on foot or by cable car. Bulgaria offers so many different ways to arrange a perfect holiday and create lasting memories. So book your SunExpress flight to Varna (VAR) or Burgas (BOJ) now!

Bulgaria – spend summer on the beach and winter in the ski resorts

Bulgaria’s climate generally offers warm, dry summers and relatively cold winters, though there are some differences between the individual regions. The vast Danube plain lies to the north, and here the summers are usually hotter and drier than in the rest of the country. However, and by way of compensation, it is often very cold in winter and there is usually lots of snow. The Pirin Mountains contain some of Bulgaria’s largest ski resorts, which offer an attractive alternative to the Alpine ski resorts. These and other mountain chains protect the Maritsa river valley to the south; winters in this region are thus relatively mild. The same can be said of the Black Sea coast, which enjoys a Mediterranean climate, producing ideal bathing conditions in high summer, with an air temperature of up to 30 °C and water temperatures of 19 to 23 °C. With temperatures reaching up to 26 °C, the months of June and September are likewise very suitable for a beach holiday.

Flights to Bulgaria – scheduled airline flights to Varna (VAR) or Burgas (BOJ)

Economy flights to Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast are mostly booked over the summer months, so if you want to swim on endless white sand beaches or sample the water sports, you can choose between the airports of Varna (VAR) and Burgas (BOJ). Varna is the ideal choice for those who want to holiday at Golden Sands, but remember this city is also a destination in its own right. Among its most important sights are a majestic cathedral, the city’s ancient Roman thermal baths and the exquisite Orthodox church of Sveta Petka. Golden Sands and its huge range of sports and entertainment is also easily accessible from Burgas airport. Nevertheless, this city has several fantastic white sand beaches of its own. The main beach is ideal for bathing, and because of its waves, the beach at Elenite is very popular with surfers. Are you looking to book a flight to Bulgaria and then take a hire car from Sofia Airport direct to the city centre? That’s no problem! You’ll also find there are many historical sites for visitors to enjoy.


Discover Sofia’s cultural treasures

Sofia has many glorious attractions, such as the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the sparkling domes of which are covered with gold leaf. As well as being a fine church, it also contains an exhibition space for historic icons and frescos. The city’s former Central Mineral Baths is another beautiful building that stands near the Džamija Banya Bashi Mosque. Another former mosque, known as the Great Mosque during the Ottoman era, now serves as a museum housing archaeological collections spanning many historical periods.

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