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Denmark – Relax on the coast and visit pretty places

The small country of Denmark is easy to reach, thanks to its geographical proximity to Germany, and is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. It has beautiful coastal regions and islands, very inviting in the summer for swimming, surfing and other water sports. One of the most popular islands is Bornholm – it is located in the Baltic Sea and has a temperate maritime climate that is ideal for a beach holiday. This island is considered by many to be the most beautiful place in the country, thanks to its picturesque scenery with cliffs, caves and lakes. Denmark also boasts many cultural attractions, such as Aarhus and Aalborg. One of the most popular destinations is certainly the capital Copenhagen, with its countless canals, the castle and many other attractions.

The area around Aalborg is well suited for sporting activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, golf and fishing. Does that sound like a great vacation? Then book your flight to Denmark at SunExpress!

Getting to Denmark: very comfortable, thanks to the numerous airports!

Denmark is the ideal destination for travellers who want to avoid very hot weather. In this country, the temperature is around 20 °C even in the summer months, and in the spring it is usually about 15 °C. However, it is rarely really cold, even in winter when it may be chilly, but temperatures don’t often dip below freezing. This is thanks mainly to the sea that surrounds Denmark. In summer, lake water warms to a temperature of about 17 °C and cools down in the winter to a few degrees above zero. The best seasons for a vacation in Denmark are the spring and summer, because the autumn often brings storms. However, those who enjoy wilder weather on the lakes can also book a flight to Denmark for the fall or winter. Denmark has eight airports, with direct flights with airlines from abroad, located in Copenhagen (CPH), Aalborg, Billund, Aarhus, Sonderborg, Karup, Esbjerg and on the island of Bornholm. An outward flight to Bornholm and a return flight from Copenhagen are also possible.

Holidays in Denmark's capital: Copenhagen and its sights

Many flights to Denmark are to its capital, Copenhagen. Copenhagen city centre can be easily reached by metro or bus from the airport (CPH). Even at night, the subways still runs every 15 to 20 minutes. In this city, you can discover many attractions such as the Amalienborg Palace, the residence of the Danish queen: when she is at home, the Danish flag is hoisted on the roof. Also worth seeing is the 16th century Rosenborg Castle, where the guards march off at exactly 11:30 to relieve their comrades in front of the Amalienborg Palace, where the royal regalia are housed. Visitors to Copenhagen should also make time just to take a walk along the canals; it is even possible to take a dip at the port. For sunbathing, however, try the beaches outside the centre. The Amager Strandpark, an artificial island with long sandy beaches and entertainment, is very attractive.

Discover other beautiful places in Denmark: Aarhus and Aalborg

The cities of Aarhus and Aalborg both have their own airport and are well worth visiting. Aarhus is particularly known for its art and culture events and has some interesting museums, such as the Den Gamle By open-air museum, which gives its visitors a real impression of life in earlier times. At this “living museum”, the staff wear period costumes and go about their work as in days gone by. The harbour town of Aalborg on the Limfjord is particularly popular with beach lovers and nature lovers. Do you want to book a holiday home by the sea as a base for touring or just to be able to step into the water right outside the door? The flat, sandy beaches at Bisnap and Egense are ideal for families with small children as they slope very gently towards the sea.

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