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France – a country of contrasts

A trip to France is always worth your time, with plenty of exciting attractions to visit. City dwellers will get their money’s worth in Paris, Strasbourg or Nice. Those who prefer getting back to nature have plenty to choose from, from rolling acres of unspoilt countryside to glorious stretches of coastline. Enjoy a spot of sun as you bask in the glory of the Mediterranean and let the cool coastal air refresh you. What’s more, France is the home of some of the finest cuisine in the world. Take your pick from haute cuisine and five-star favourites, or keep it simple with rustic dishes that will always hit the spot.

From either of these airports, visitors will find convenient transfers to the city centres themselves, with car hire and taxis available the minute you reach arrivals. Find low-cost flights to your favourite French cities and start planning your dream trip to France today with SunExpress.

Enjoy glorious weather when you visit France

While the climate is dominated by the cool Atlantic to the west and north of the country, the Mediterranean coast toward the south is incredibly mild by comparison. In Brittany and Normandy, the temperatures rarely exceed 24 degrees Celsius in summer. In spring and autumn, strong winds bring temperatures down to between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the south is warm all year round, with balmy temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius to be expected in the summer. The water temperature is also high, with an average of 24 degrees Celsius. In Paris and Strasbourg, summer temperatures average out with highs of 26 degrees Celsius, but there’s so much to do in these essential destinations that a trip in winter is well worth your time.

Head to the French Riviera and enjoy the sunnier side of France

Welcome to the French Riviera, home of bright blue water, palm trees and sunshine throughout the year. Enjoy unspoilt beaches and breathtaking island retreats, whether you’re looking to get away solo, enjoy a break with your other half, or take the whole family away for a trip to remember. For glamour and luxury, make sure you schedule in a visit to Cannes or Nice. Both cities have a rich and vibrant history, with plenty going on throughout the year. The Cannes Film Festival has been held annually since 1946, and brings in top-drawer talent from across the globe.

No matter what interests you, a trip to Paris will almost certainly yield plenty for you to see and do. Enjoy a long stroll along the river Seine, admire the Eiffel Tower at night, or gorge on local delicacies and French culinary favourites. Travelling with the family? Disneyland Paris is a must-visit destination for big and small kids alike. If you’re after a more educational trip for your little ones, make sure you take a walking tour of some of the most historic sites in Paris, including Notre Dame Cathedral and countless museums and year-round exhibitions. Strasbourg is also worth a visit. The small town in Alsace is very different from Paris, but is sure to charm any visitor. While Paris offers bustling streets and countless attractions, Strasbourg instead offers quaint buildings and meandering walkways, with important sites including the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. Perfect for those who want to enjoy something a little more relaxed, this sleepy corner of France can be enjoyed in any month, with more traditional cuisine and cultural attractions than the larger metropolises.

A go-to for gourmets

It’s not uncommon to spend hours on a single meal in France. The French really know how to celebrate when it comes to food and you’ll find plenty of mouth-watering treats waiting for you when you arrive. All around Bordeaux, wine plays an important role and you’ll find countless varieties to enjoy. In Arcachon, some 60 kilometres away, oysters are bred in the fresh salt water of the Bay of Biscay, offering some of the finest varieties in the world. In Brittany, fish and seafood also dominate menus, while galettes are also prized for their first-rate flavour.

France is only one flight away

In France, there are more than 60 airports providing direct or return flights, with many airlines operating services. SunExpress provides flights to and from two of France’s most popular cities – Paris (CDG) and Strasbourg (SXB). Strasbourg can be reached via flights from Izmir, while Paris is served by flights from both Izmir and Antalya.

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