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Discover Iraq: A trip for culture enthusiasts and adventurers

A trip to Iraq brings experiences off the beaten track. The country has numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world. Landscapes with deserts, mountains and river valleys amaze travelers. A trip to Iraq means authentic experiences far away from mass tourism. The next adventure is calling!

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What makes Iraq so special?

Iraq is a country with a fascinating culture and rich history. The country in the Middle East encompasses a large part of Mesopotamia. This is where the earliest advanced civilizations of the Near East, such as the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians, once emerged, which is why this region is also known as the “cradle of civilization”. Visit the archaeological sites of Babylon, Ur and Nimrud, which offer you an unparalleled insight into the early advanced civilizations and their impressive architectural remains.

Iraq also amazes its visitors with the different landscapes: The scenery ranges from endless deserts in the south and west of the country to the fertile valleys of the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. In the north of the country, the Kandil Mountains rise to more than 3,000 meters.

On a trip to Iraq, you will encounter cultures of different ethnic groups. In the Kurdistan Region you will experience traditional Kurdish culture, while in the major cities, such as the capital Baghdad, you will find the traditions and cuisine of Arabs, Turkmen and Assyrians. The people of Iraq are known for their distinct hospitality.

The climate in Iraq is dry and characterized by hot summers and mild winters. In the summer months, temperatures in the cities can reach more than 50 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are much more pleasant in spring and autumn. The months of March to May or September to November are therefore recommended as the best time to travel to Iraq.

FAQs: Flights to Iraq and arrival at the airport

What should I bear in mind when travelling to Iraq?

Despite the openness, warmth and hospitality of Iraqi people, good planning is crucial when travelling to Iraq and it is crucial to be aware of regional conflicts.  Certain regions are considered unsafe and should be avoided. Be sure to check the current security situation in the country and possible travel advisories before travelling.


What travel documents are needed to enter Iraq?

A valid passport is required to enter Iraq. In addition, most foreign entrants require a visa. For stays of up to 60 days, this can be issued on entry.

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