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Mediterranean Sea, mountains, cedar forests, ancient sites, cultural highlights and more.

Experience the diversity and beauty of a country that often is overlooked   when planning holidays. Lebanon awaits with an impressive variety of sights, breathtaking scenic beauty and warm hospitality. Between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, history and modernity and countless culinary highlights, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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What makes Lebanon so special?

The starting point of a trip to Lebanon is usually the capital Beirut. As the cultural and economic center of the country, Beirut is known for its many sights and offers fantastic beaches and a lively nightlife. Those interested in culture and history will get their money’s worth in Lebanon: visit the various ancient sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as the imposing Roman temple complexes in Baalbek, the ancient port city of Byblos or the ruins of Tyros. Lebanon also has a thriving art scene, which you will encounter in art galleries, markets and festivals.

In addition, the country offers many opportunities for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. The location between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains makes it possible to combine different activities. Sunbathe on beautiful beaches or explore the numerous hiking trails in the Lebanon mountains. One of the most beautiful natural landscapes is the Wadi Quadisha, the Sacred Valley, an impressive canyon surrounded by steep cliffs. Nearby is also the Horsh Arz el-Rab, a forest of Lebanon cedars for which the country is famous.

Lebanese cuisine is another highlight you should not miss. You can enjoy specialties such as falafel, tabouleh, hummus and much more throughout the country.

The best time to travel to Lebanon depends on your planned activities and preferences. Summers can be very hot in the coastal regions, but pleasant in the mountains. For cultural holidays, spring and autumn are recommended. In winter, you can even have a skiing holiday in Lebanon.

FAQs: Flights to Lebanon and arrival at BEY Airport

How to get from Beirut airport to the city?

The most relaxing way to get from the airport to the city is by taxi or hotel shuttle. Be sure to arrange a fixed price before you start your journey or book your taxi or shuttle transport in advance.

What do I have to consider when entering Lebanon?

To enter Lebanon, you need a passport that is valid for at least six months. For a stay of up to one month, you will receive a visa directly upon entry. Find out about the entry requirements and the security situation in the country before you fly. You should avoid certain regions, especially the border regions with Syria and Israel.

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