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From ancient sites to breathtaking lakes: discover North Macedonia

North Macedonia is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is still one of Europe’s insider tips among travel enthusiasts: The landlocked country enchants visitors with its unique charm and originality, magnificent cities and great natural landscapes. Go on a discovery tour in the beautiful capital Skopje and experience the lakes, gorges and national parks of the country. North Macedonia is also sure to surprise you in a culinary sense!

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What makes North Macedonia so special?

North Macedonia is a country with a rich history, fascinating landscape and a turbulent past. It was only in 2019 that the country was officially recognized under the name “Republic of North Macedonia”. The inhabitants are proud of their identity and cultural diversity and are known for their hospitality. Try the North Macedonian cuisine with local specialties such as bean stew, potato dishes or the paprika dip ajvar. At local markets you can admire traditional handicrafts and gain an authentic insight into the life of the people.

The capital Skopje is a good starting point for your trip. The city impresses with magnificent buildings that were rebuilt after an earthquake in the 1960s. Those interested in culture will certainly be thrilled by the many historical highlights in North Macedonia: In Bitoli you can admire well-preserved Ottoman architecture. Visit the ancient sites of Heraclea Lyncestis, Stobi and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ohrid. Ohrid is located on the picturesque Ohrid Lake, a turquoise-blue mountain lake that invites you for hiking and relaxing.

Besides Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia offers other breathtaking natural beauties. For example, take a trip to Matka Canyon and visit impressive caves along the river or hike in the mountain, forest and lake landscape of Mavrovo National Park. North Macedonia is not only a great destination for hikers – there are also numerous opportunities for kayaking, cycling or skiing!

The best time to travel to North Macedonia is spring or autumn. Then the temperatures are pleasantly mild, and you have optimal conditions for city explorations and excursions into nature. The summer months can be hot with temperatures above 30 degrees. In winter, North Macedonia becomes a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.

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What do I have to consider when entering North Macedonia?

As North Macedonia is part of the Schengen area, no visa is required for German citizens to enter the country – all you need is an identity card or passport. The currency in North Macedonia is the Macedonian dollar. Carry some local currency with you or withdraw money in the country.

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