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The Netherlands – visit the land of tulips and canals with SunExpress

Endless fields of tulips. Sprawling dune landscapes. Historic windmills and beautiful architecture. When it comes to gorgeous scenery, you’re well and truly spoiled in the Netherlands. This country might be small, but its towns and cities are well spaced, offering some truly beautiful stretches of greenery in between the medieval hamlets, cultural centres and thriving port cities scattered about Holland. The breath-taking scenery is just one reason why the Netherlands is a perfect destination for those after a sense of real relaxation. When it comes to big cities, the Dutch really know how to make a statement. Explore vibrant cultural hubs like The Hague, Rotterdam and of course, Amsterdam itself. With many universities peppered throughout the major regions of Holland, you can also count on quality nightlife too. From truly unique cuisine and beloved bake delicacies, to world renowned artistic masterpieces like the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, there’s plenty of rich history and heritage to uncover in this historic kingdom.

Having said that, if you really want to live life like a local while in town, make sure you grab your cycling helmet and a bike rental and take to the cobbled streets of Amsterdam in style. Start planning your dream today when you book tickets online with SunExpress!

The best time to travel

When you visit the Netherlands, expect a quaintessential maritime climate. Although temperatures vary throughout the year, short-term temperature fluctuations are rare. While the bigger cities and inland regions of the country are generally more mild, it’s worth bearing in mind that the coastal areas always face an extra chill courtesy of sea breezes, bringing the mercury down slightly. During spring and autumn, visitors can expect average temperatures between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. Come the winter months, temperatures drop to around 5 degrees Celsius. Although the climate is cooler than other European hotspots, you can look forward to regular highs of 25 degrees Celsius in the height of summer. If you’re finding the towns and cities too stuffy come a heatwave, head to the North Sea stretches of the coast. A pleasant prevailing breeze delivers a welcome cooling effect, bringing the temperatures down to an average of 20 degrees Celsius.

Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherands

You’ll be glad to know that SunExpress operates regular direct flights to Amsterdam. This world-famous city is an essential destination on any self-respecting traveller’s wish list, and makes a great place to visit if you’re looking for a spectacular city break. Stroll along those iconic canals and bridges, take some time to scope out the many museums, or soak up some culture and head to the Reichs Museum or Van Gogh Museum to get up close and personal with some of the most famous pieces of artwork in the world. Planning a visit during a national holiday or festivity? Like every major city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam comes alive with bustling pop-up markets and bars, colourful street fairs and parades, plus plenty more enticing attractions.

Head to the North Sea coast to get back to nature

If you’ve spent days exploring the narrow streets of the big cities, a return back to nature is a great way to blow away the cobwebs and let the wind in your hair. In the western regions of the country, there’s more than 250 kilometres of beaches on offer, with another 450 kilometres of stunning coastline. This area is popular with sailing enthusiasts, surfers and water sports players. In the north, the country borders directly onto the North Sea, with many unique sandy beaches throughout the province of Groningen. If you’re looking to retire even further into the rural heart of Holland, consider the islands in the Wadden Sea for unique surroundings and a real sense of peace and quiet. The largest of these islands, Texel, has plenty of exciting attractions to uncover, while Terscheling and Ameland are also a popular choice. These islands are also a great place to visit if you’re keen on seafood. Expect gourmet restaurant menus and fish cooked to perfection courtesy of a thriving local fishing industry.

Savour a slice of the real Netherlands

Dutch cuisine comes in many forms, but one of its most popular exports is its cheeses. In fact, of the 650 million kilograms of cheese produced annually in the Netherlands, more than two-thirds of all this produce ends up being exported abroad. Gouda and Edam lead the pack in terms of popularity, although many towns and cities have built up their own unique cheese traditions over the centuries. If you’re in the vicinity of Alrmaar, make sure you pencil in a visit to a dedicated cheese museum offering countless exhibits about the golden yellow staple. What’s more, a weekly cheese market that dates back hundreds of years is usually held every Friday.

Travel to the Netherlands in total comfort.

If it’s your first time travelling to the Netherlands, your first stop should be Amsterdam. No matter where else you’re planning to head to in Holland, both Amsterdam City and Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) airports provide quick and convenient rail connections to destinations all over the country and beyond. Many popular destinations are served directly from Schipol, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding your next stop. However, if you’re looking to uncover the country at your own pace and delve deeper into the rural fields of the place, you might want to consider renting a car with a pick-up at the airport itself for an affordable transport alternative.

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