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Inexpensive flights to Türkiye (Turkey): A holidaymaker’s paradise between West and East

Türkiye (Turkey) lies between the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, it features a truly unique mix of cultures. Here, Western modernity meets Eastern tradition, built into fascinating natural landscapes. The popular holiday destination scores points for its beaches and seashores as well as for its vibrant metropolises and historical sites. In Türkiye (Turkey), more than 7,000 kilometres of coastline await excited beachgoers. National parks and wonders of the natural world like Göreme and Pamukkale round off the Turkish experience. SunExpress will take you on your Turkish holiday from many German airports for a low price!

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Four seasons in 24 hours: Discover Türkiye’s (Turkey’s) climatic diversity

The richness of Türkiye’s (Turkey’s) landscapes reflects the various climates in its seven regions. The warmest are southeast Anatolia and the Mediterranean region, which includes the famous ‘Turkish Riviera’. Inexpensive flights to Alanya-Gazipasa (GZP), for example, take you right to the idyllic Turquoise Coast, where beachgoers can expect water temperatures of at least 20°C between May and November. There’s plenty of sunshine here: Over 12 hours of sun a day draw visitors to Side, Alanya, Kemer and Antalya, for example. Even during the winter it’s at least 5 °C. Sweltering summers with temperatures around 30°C and mild winters are characteristic of not only the Turkish Riviera, but also the Aegean region. Here, too, sun-seekers can look forward to warm water, infrequent rainfall and constant good weather. Relax near Dalaman (DLM) by the seashore or on excursions into the nearby wilderness. If you want to combine swimming, hiking and sightseeing, it’s best to visit in the spring or fall. With average temperatures of 9.7 and 10.6°C, eastern and central Anatolia are the coolest regions in Türkiye (Turkey). The temperate climate is ideal for travellers to explore fascinating natural landscapes. The best time to travel to eastern Anatolia and the highlands around Cappadocia is between June and early October. Türkiye (Turkey) also has a winter sports region that’s not unlike Innsbruck. The Sarıkamış skiing area (near Kars – KSY) delights winter sports enthusiasts from December to April with fine, crystalline snow and sunshine.

Unique landmarks and millennia-old cities

In addition to beach holidays and the metropolis of Istanbul, Türkiye (Turkey) also offers many fascinating destinations for those interested in culture and history. Many landmarks can boast inclusion on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites list. The Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia in lively Istanbul, the archaeological excavation site Troy or the ruins of Xanthos – not to mention the historic old town in Safranbolu – are just a few examples. Biblical history, remnants of classical antiquity and a Middle Eastern past all come together in the cultural melting pot that is Türkiye (Turkey). A hunt for traces of Noah’s ark or the garden of Adam and Eve will take you to Şanlıurfa near Gaziantep (GZT). A visit to the mausoleum of Mevlana Dschalal ad-Din Rumi in Konya (KYA) is particularly popular amongst Turkish tourists. The Sumela Monastery in Trabzon (TZX) is an absolute highlight on the Black Sea coast. Located on a sheer cliff face, the ruins make for a breathtaking view, even when seen from a distance. Another cultural treasure lies on the Aegean Sea, just about three hours away from the resort town of Bodrum: Ephesus. The rambling city of ruins includes an amphitheatre and sections of what was once the majestic Library of Celsus.

Experience wonderful diversity and unique natural sights

The Cappadocia region features a unique mix of natural landscapes and traces of history. Göreme National Park impresses the visitor with its striking ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations and rock carvings. Millennia-old cave architecture comprises not only dwellings, but also complex, ancient sacred structures. For an unforgettable experience, take a hot-air balloon over the unusual Cappadocian scenery. The limestone terraces of Pamukkale in Western Türkiye (Turkey) are completely different – but just as impressive. The formations look like an unworldly landscape of ice. Tip: Don’t miss out on seeing Pamukkale at night! A detour to neighbouring Hierapolis and its ancient necropolis is also a must.

Türkiye (Turkey): Arrival and departure made easy thanks to an extensive network of routes

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