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The Black Sea coast – enjoy a sunny beach holiday or first-rate cruise

The Black Sea is becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers in recent years, mainly due to its impressive coastline, endless places of interest and picturesque landscapes and beaches. In the summer months, guests can enjoy balmy climates and plenty of sunshine. This inland sea is one of the largest of its kind, making it ideal for cruising. Most cruises take place in the summer months, with the busiest period being between May and October, when the sea is at its calmest and the weather at its best. A popular jetty is the city of Istanbul, where the Bosporus connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. However, the city of Yalta with its small castle is also a favourite departure spot for cruising.

If you want to spend your holiday in Türkiye (Turkey), you can choose from direct flights to Istanbul, as well as flights to Samsun (SZF) and Trabzon (TZX). Wherever you’re planning on visiting, the Black Sea coast offers plenty of choice for a relaxing and memorable holiday. Book your flights to the Black Sea today at SunExpress!

Countries on the Black Sea – enjoy many attractive holiday destinations

The Black Sea is surrounded by many countries. These include Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Türkiye (Turkey). All these countries offer numerous cultural treasures, not just beautiful beaches and impressive views of the Black Sea coast. Romania’s capital city of Bucharest is an attractive centre of culture and commerce, with beautiful palaces and historic buildings at every turn. Another interesting destination in Romania is the Donaudelta, a sprawling nature reserve that can be explored by canoe or paddleboat, for those after some real adventure. If you’re planning a stay in the Donaudelta, the city of Tulcea is a great starting point. There’s also plenty to discover in Türkiye (Turkey), with countless seaside resorts and cultural hotspots to discover. These can be reached with convenient flights to airports including Samsun (SZF) and Trabzon (TZX). Breathtaking beaches can be found in Sile or Cakraz, just a few kilometres from Amasra.

Sunbathing and surfing on the Black Sea coast – enjoy the sunshine in coastal towns

Around the Black Sea, you can expect temperatures to soar from warm and balmy to scorching hot. For true sun worshippers, areas around the southern coast are recommended, with popular resorts including the Bulgarian Burgas. Temperatures in July and August can often soar beyond 30 °C, while June and September still offer temperatures in the region of 25-26 °C. Water temperatures are also incredibly inviting around this time, so you can enjoy the sea and sand to your heart’s content. The harbour town of Burgas has a long and winding beach of fine white sand, making it ideal for families and groups with small children. Elenite beach is also ideal for surfing because of its high waves. Another ideal destination for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts is Slatni pjasazi, located just north of the Bulgarian city of Varna. Once you’ve soaked up the sun, you have plenty to keep you occupied during the night. In recent years, the resort has developed a reputation as a hotspot for partying and nightlife.

Flights to the Black Sea – fly direct to the coast

You have plenty of options when it comes to flying to the Black Sea coast. If you’re travelling to Bulgaria, the airports of Varna (VAR) or Burgas (BOJ) offer the most direct flights, with more flights available during the summer months. On the Black Sea coast of Romania is the airport of Constanta (CND), an old port city that makes an ideal starting point for sightseers looking for attractions before they embark on the rest of their trip. The Black Sea coast in Russia can be reached via several airports, including Sochi and Krasnodar. For those seeking a holiday in the Ukraine, direct flights to Odessa are the most convenient choice.

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